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Friday, August 16, 2013

He's not the Messiah... he's a very naughty Newell's Old Boy

Where's the specs Chromeo?

Like a Mountie who tells you to "get used to it", Kevin Payne finally got his man - Maximiliano Urruti is officially a Red. It took a couple of hundred days longer than originally expected... but who's counting?

Transfer windows? We don't need no stinkin' transfer windows - just an Argentine club that has fallen on hard times, a player who hadn't been paid and broke up with them and possibly a little help from the "Thanks for Not Touching Clint Dempsey Fund for Disabled Clubs". No proof of the latter but it makes us feel better about things. The mysterious "compensation" given to Urruti's former club, Newell's Old Boys, will go down with Chupacabra, Loch Ness and Reggie Lambe as mysteries best left alone.

Now for the fun part - is our new Argentine saviour the next Gabriel Batistuta or the following Pablo Vitti? We can probably best hope for something in between but for TFC supporters expecting the new boy to open the scoring floodgates - you may want some patience.

Despite having been brought through the NOB youth set-up since a tender age, the 22-year old Rosario (get your cheque-signing jokes out of your system) native has only had 57 senior club appearances tallying 12 goals. His goal scoring rate is currently in the area of one per every 230 minutes-or-so thus he still has more to prove before anyone accuses him of being a hitman. Throw in the challenges of a new league, a new continent and a new language and the need to suppress your excitement becomes clearer.

Unfortunately for Urruti, the circumstances of his drawn out transfer saga has done nothing to temper TFC fans' excitement to see this mysterious South American treat. His name has been tossed around Toronto footy circles since Spring causing some to likely expect much more than they may see for some while. While patience was given to countryman Matias Laba upon his arrival, the midfield position is one that is harder to quantify in basic stats whereas the striker is judged on one thing... goals.

Hopefully, time is given by the justifiably anxious Reds supporters but if Urruti does end up closer to the Pablo Vitti's of the world, the transfer drama will bite the current regime in the ass hard and more vocally - towards the player himself. Urruti is not the cure-all for this club and it is best you don't view him that way. A valuable piece - a single piece - of an eventually decent starting 11 is the best we can hope for. It just might take some time. Again. 

In the meantime, we can all enjoy Urruti in his other role as lead-singer of "Chromeo". You can "prove" to us that it’s not him… but we won’t believe you. And "Hot Mess"... (insert TFC joke of choice)

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  1. The big guy's beard looks fake. Is it really Danny Koevermanns?