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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Maxi-mum Overdue: Urruti in town but no deal with TFC... yet


Are we witnessing the final act in the longest transfer saga in TFC history?

After nearly a full-season lapdance (no-touching) with Argentine forward/ possible lead singer of Chromeo, Maximiliano Urruti and his boyhood club Newell's Old Boys, The Reds may have just done enough to go the Champagne Room. Well Downsview at least. Still no touching... officially.

Tonight the club released a very short statement announcing that Urruti is indeed in the city and will be training with the club while a deal is negotiated to secure his employment. The sticky wicket with Newell's Old Boys (and their fantastic acronym "NOB") is over Urruti's decision to leave the club due to lack of payments and whether or not he falls into the land of Bosman free transfer or is still officially a NOB.

Obviously his former Argentine employers would want a transfer fee, and have gone as far as whimpering over potential tampering charges, but it is unfathomable that MLS Commish Don Garber would green light any deal with those dark clouds. No, IF this deal goes through, it will likely be with some mysterious "compensation" headed down to Rosario (not De Rosario - get over it haterz) which will be undisclosed due to club policy.

At this point you can't fault any TFC supporter for putting a capital "IF" around a deal that was "imminent" back in May - but it has admittedly moved onto another level. We will have more to discuss about the latest TFC "Messiah" when and IF the deal goes through - until then we just have to hope for a happy ending.


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