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Thursday, January 16, 2014

SuperDraft 2014: The Quest for Pieces

Flipping picks can be tricky business

With his planet on the verge of destruction, the brave and selfless space politician Jor-El put his only Draft in a capsule and launched it into outer space. That Draft would travel through the galaxies (Not LA Galaxy) only to crash into a Philadelphia convention center where it lifted a car off of Don Garber or something. As Terence Stamp's General Zod would say if he had MLS season tickets: "Bring me this... Super... Draft!"

The theme of the 2014 SuperDraft seemed to be teams trading each other MLS funny money to move draft position. Toronto FC was no different, shuffling up to 10th spot after cha-chinging the pants off of Philadelphia Union. With the # 10 pick now in hand, The Reds opted for 22-year old centreback Nick Hagglund.

The Xavier senior is considered to be a blunt instrument kind of defender with decent size, speed, strength and sharp elbows. The most important scouting report you need however is that he looks like Ryan Nelsen's long-lost illegitimate Ohio love-child. Make your own conclusions. Pervs.

Moving on to the 2nd Round, famous for its Generation Birkenstock talent pool, TFC used the 5th pick (24th overall) on midfielder Daniel Lovitz from the not-quite-Ivy League Elon University. We could get excited about "I don't care! He's Lovitz!" chants and Jon Lovitz gags but seriously - we'll probably not get the chance.

Time to fly!
Get it?
Oh you're too good for that now?

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