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Saturday, January 18, 2014

THE WORD: Good Orr bad?

Oh, you're a happy fellow...

Have you ever wanted to climb onto the pitch and attempt to give one of The Reds a headbutt?

Do you feel that TFC lost their prominence in the league's important bar-brawl statistics since Miguel Aceval left town?

Do you enjoy red cards?

If you answered "yes" to any of those questions then TFC may just have a treat in store for you! If the BBC is to be believed - and "indeed why not my good sir?" (read that in a posh voice) - then The Reds are getting set to bring in 31-year old English right-back Bradley Orr on a season-long loan deal. That's where the fun begins.

For those of you not victims and/or not aware of the Blackburn Rovers' defender's past, it is well... erm... turbulent. One of his career highlights was being sent off for trying to head-butt HIS OWN teammate while with Bristol City in 2006. Three days later his season got better when he was sentenced to 28 days in jail for an "incident" outside of a Bristol nightclub. No word if the club, "Romeo Browns", is the "Club Escobar" of west England.

Since his "golden years" at Bristol he has had permanent stops with QPR and Blackburn but those have been off-set with loan-spells, most recently at Blackpool. Make of that what you will.

Looking at TFC's depth chart, RB is indeed a spot of weakness with Mark Bloom as the only real option at the moment. While Bloom showed some promise last season, it is premature to see him as a MLS starter. Orr would indeed bring a lot of experience to that position but it will be his personal intangibles which will prove this potential deal good or bad.

For a club trumpeting a positive atmosphere, that may be a big "Orr".

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