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Monday, January 27, 2014

THE STARTING 11: TFC criminal investigations

TFC "Club Escobar" 3rd kits - get 'em while they're hot!

There was a fair share of hand-wringing in TFC land when the name Bradley Orr was linked with a move to the club. After all, Orr did serve actual jail time in 2006 for an "incident" outside of a Bristol nightclub. Possibly the Club Escobar of West England. But before us Eff Cee'ers get all high and mighty about a man's past mistakes, let's not forget that other Reds have had brushes with the legal system as well. While all but one of these escaped conviction, TFC is no stranger to the 5-0... (cops and scorelines)

11. Sexual harassment claim made by two seagulls against Bitchy the Hawk

10. Mista's three-and-a-half month long robbery

9. Raivis Hscanovics' attempt to illegally smuggle vowels out of Canada and on to the Latvian black market

8. Jacob Peterson's hate crime charges against TFC for exposing him to the Canadian National Anthem on a regular basis

7. Accusations against Justin Braun for impersonating a professional striker

6. Jim Brennan's haircuts (fashion crimes)

5. The Carlos Ruiz missing person report

4. Preki's 2nd-Degree scowling charge

3. Chad Barrett: Multiple shots fired into crowd

2. The time Ali Gerba murdered Nick Garcia's birthday cake

1. Mo Johnston: Assaulting a football club resulting in grievous harm

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