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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Young Reds gettin' Hammerheaded

We always think of TFC as more of a fat halibut than a hammerhead but some of The Reds' youngsters will soon be swimming with "The Sharks". No, it's not a terrible halftime promo for the Ripley's Aquarium ("Who can do the best monkfish accent guys?") but rather a partnership with Wilmington Hammerheads FC of USL pro.

This is a positive and absolutely necessary affiliation which will see a minimum of four TFC youngsters loaned out to Wilmington this season. The Reds have a crop of young players who will not see important minutes in 2014 and the potential for them to get first team football could be a great benefit to their development.

With the MLS Reserve league being a mish-mash and the proposed Hamilton NASL club being of equal hodgepodgery at the moment, the one-year deal suits TFC well. It is too early to say who will be spending 2014 in North Carolina but the likes of Emery Welshman, Manny Aparicio, Jordan Hamilton and Nick Hagglund may want to get their waterwings inflated.

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