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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Laba on loan? Not so fast. Argentine TRADED to Vancouver for nothing

Not your finest hour Tim...
Remember yesterday's article when the widely reported Matias Laba loan to Vancouver was reported? Remember the part where we said something along the lines of "well at least he wasn't traded for a bunch of balls"?

Yeah. Notsomuch.

Like vulgar thieves in the night, TFC dropped a big stinking turd this late evening announcing that Matias Laba has not been loaned out for future use but rather traded.

Oh well that's crap. Surely not to a rival?
Think again. Still Vancouver.


Well surely we got some great value in return for a DP?
Give your head a shake... "future considerations".
Surely we're dreaming this, late on a Wednesday night?
Nope. It's Toronto FC, baby.

So there it is sports fans. After a winter of good deals... the body shot. The dispatching of the most talented player to wear the TFC Red in the past couple of years sent packing to a team we will meet in the Canadian Cup. Where he will score in the 93rd minute to eliminate us. For squat.

Yes "future considerations" is a very grey term but when have you ever heard "hey remember those future considerations? Here's something awesome. Cheers for that!" Never O'clock.

Maybe we're greedy after a number of successful deals this winter but this one will be marked by most - for now - as a big time failure. Yes he couldn't stay under MLS rules, no one is blind to that fact but this seems like the weakest outcome possible apart from releasing him outright.

On the same day when a local Toronto City Councillor was trumpeting BMO Field as the exciting new Argos stadium in the imminent future, this deal added to a strong whiff of #WTFC.

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