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Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Welshman game action photo. Rare. Mint condition.

Unsurprising news news: Toronto FC have parted ways with former first-round pick and local lad Emery Welshman. A non-descript ending for an underwhelming year in TFC red.

Drafted 16th overall by Kevin Payne & Co. just over a year ago, Welshman was part of the "905 Combo Platter" with Kyle Bekker that saw hopes of a "Made in Toronto" future at TFC peak. The fly in the ointment was that Welshman had no real business being drafted that high and was never at the level of MLS-ready. The jury on Bekker is only slightly still out.

It was a feel-good story on paper but as with many things in TFC history, it was sizzle over steak. The now 22-year old forward was trumpeted due to his proximity to the GO Train rather than what he could honestly bring to TFC.

It is a shame as Welshman was very excited to be a member of his hometown club but Ryan Nelsen obviously has no place for him now or in the future. With a glaring depth issue at striker after Bright Dike's injury and four loan slots available at Wilmington, The Reds see no long-term value in trying to develop the player. If he was Emery Welshman from Ohio, no one would bat an eyelash.

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