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Monday, February 24, 2014

THE STARTING 11: Toronto FC Disney films

The De Rosario and Hscanovics of underwater cheque signings
If you can't beat em', join 'em. If you can only manage a draw, hell why not join 'em as well. It seems as if options for MLS springtime friendlies are a choice between a trip to Disney World or playing Russian Roulette with sunstroke in Arizona. To be fair, sunstroke has shorter lines and less kids. Regardless, TFC now use the mecca of family entertainment and the Disney "Classic" as their annual tune-up which has given them some ideas. Hot off the heels of their "All For One" show, The Reds are ready to challenge Disney for the cinema dollar with these adorable titles...

11. "Finding DeRo"

10. "Who Framed Aron Winter?"

9. "Frozen: Opening Day at BMO Field"

8. "Defoe's Night & The Seven WAGS"

7. "Swiss Family Carl Robinson"

6. "Bitchy and The Tramp"

5. "Alice In Wiederman"

4. "Honey, I Blew My ACL"

3. "Operation Argo Drop"

2. "101 Transactions"

1. "PiMocchio"

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