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Thursday, October 9, 2014

THE SOUTH STAND REPORT - Toronto v Houston... or Who does this matter more to?

What the hell was that all about?

Without any scientific data whatsoever to substantiate the following claims, here's the percentage of how the game actually went, in no particular order.
  • 42% raining misery with terrible first half "action"
  • 27% a lack of luck for Toronto
  • 14% luck in favour of Houston
  • 9% high-level time wasting by Houston after their red card expulsion of A.J. Cochran
  • 3% Defoe being absentee Defoe (missed PK included in equation)
  • 2% Hagglund thinking he's a forward now
  • 1% quality finishing for Houston's Giles Barnes after Toronto defenders practically escorted them to Bendik's doorstep
Full Time : Toronto 0, Houston 1

To be fair, Vanney made the best substitutions at his disposal (not a compliment to the depth) at the right times.  Could have been a little earlier, perhaps, but not going to fault him. 

The side played like the shittiest games of Simon where everyone tonight couldn't remember the 4th note in the sequence.  Pass, pass, screw-up.  Houston were not that good, but Toronto were moreso worse.  The first half was bad.  The second half was a cavalcade of oh-so-close moments, shortly followed by swearing at someone (read: rather watchable).  Good saves, tragic deflections, smacking the woodwork a few times, howler misses; this had it all, complete with the TFC trademark wrapping of mediocrity.

If we have seen the last of Gilberto, then I am genuinely sad to see him go.  He's been a workhorse, passionate, and the kind of player any club could adore.  Not that this blog has a vote in who stays and who goes (we'd be champions by now!) but he will be missed more than any other bloody big signing Toronto has seen.  His absence was alarming, as he was good to go as of the day before and he'd have bagged two (of course, why wouldn't he).

@ignirtoq apologizes for the brevity of the report, but it was too drizzly to write any notes and it's late and it's a school night and he has to go to bed.

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