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Saturday, March 20, 2010

MLS strike averted. Mo Johnston loses an excuse.

MLS Commissioner Don Garber announced today that the league and the players' union had agreed upon a new 5-year CBA. Details of the agreement have yet to be released but the announcement means that the 2010 season will begin as scheduled. As the details emerge it will most likely show much give and take on both sides but at least they have seemingly realized the damage that a strike could have done to the young league.

The sweat beads that can be audibly heard across the Toronto area would be those of Mo Johnston. The misDirector of Football has been quietly trotting out the potential strike as the reason that TFC currently has the smallest roster in the league. With this excuse gone, the wily Scot will now have to get back into the war room and come up with a new reason why he hasn't located a quality defender or striker in 4 years. Global warming maybe?

Check out the MLS website for updates of the new CBA's details.

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