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Monday, April 26, 2010

Chris Cummins breaks silence - Guess what? MO MUST GO.

The man who has now become Toronto's hardest hitting football journalist, The Score's Kristian Jack, has done it again. Not long after getting an exclusive interview with former striker Ali Gerba, Jack has got the first no-holds-barred interview with former TFC interim manager Chris Cummins.

What the likeable and very genuine, Cummins has to say about Mo Johnston's meddling, backhanded ways is truly shocking... or is it? Most supporters knew that the arrogant Scot only wanted a puppet and the moves Cummins says he pulled doomed the club into a toxic mess.

A day after a great win against Seattle, the appetite for bad news may not be high but every supporter who loves this club HAS to listen to this interview. Don't be placated by one win, give props to Preki and realize now more than ever - Mo must go.

Link to the interview below:

Kristian Jack interviews Chris Cummins

UPDATE: Later in the evening after this story broke, Mo Johnston replied in an astoundingly odd manner. Follow this National Post link to see how the front office continues to stupidly destroy this club with one soap opera after another. Seriously, is Johnston the un-fireable? Some kind of employment vampire?


  1. I wasn't sure after the Gerba interview but now I have to believe everything. Mo is a wrecking ball that needs to be fired.

  2. Mo needs to go as simple as that! He has created a poisoned culture at TFC. Cummins and Gerba have proved that now.

  3. Holy crap! Now there going to sue Cummins?! WTF! Mo replies to this in a few hours but cant find a striker in 4 years? Way to ruin any momentum. And Anselmi - deep squad??? So much crazy!

  4. MO MUST GO!!!!

    I for one like the boys of the Yorkies didn't need all this extra info on MO to beg that he leaves our dear team alone.