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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

First Wave client defends another

--------------------"Running Toronto FC since Day One"

After the damning interviews of Ali Gerba and Chris Cummins, it looks as if "Team Mo" aka Barry MacLean's First Wave agency along side Toronto FC FO are circling the wagons. In an interview on Soccer By Ives (which is reknownedly friendly to the Mo Regime) fellow First Wave client and former TFC Head Coach John Carver has come out in his defence.

In no way is this some kind of hard hitting interview, more like a surprise character witness at a trial. You can join the "Mo's All Right 2009" party (here) where Carver offers gems such as this quote about his ex-boss: "He's a decent guy who loves football and loves Toronto FC. He wants to do what's best for that club." Well, if this is love, we better hope that Mo never hates us - what damage would he do then?

The Plymouth assistant also soothes our souls with this sage piece of advice... "this is a time for everyone to get behind the football team and talk about football. Not talking about what's gone on in the past." Um, John... it's actually our future we're worried about, thanks.

Many supporters are already finding this very hasty "interview" of a First Wave co-client on a Mo-friendly website extremely fishy. However, since word of Carver's interview came out last night, it was always heading to be a no-win for Johnston. If Carver came out and criticized the misDirector - Mo would look bad. If he came out in support, and he has indeed given his "complete backing" of Mo, then those who actually suffer from Johnston's ineptitude in Toronto (not from Plymouth, England) would see it as a lame PR move by a little dictator and his far too powerful agent clinging on to the throne at Castle BMOstein.

This site often defended Carver when he was in charge in Toronto but how important are the words of a man who wasn't been behind the scenes when things got really bad? Carver abruptly left the woefully inexperienced Chris Cummins to deal with an egomaniac who likely only gave up the head coach's title at TFC because it would make firing him easier.

We are waiting on you Mr. Robinson and Mr. Serioux. Those are opinions that matter. Mr. Carver, enjoy Coca-Cola League One next year - hope "the pressure" doesn't force you to sit in the stands.


  1. Carver just came off sounding clueless. What does he know about what happned after he ran off home to England? He wants us to just talk about football? Then fire Mo NOW and we can let Preki do his job and bring in a real director, scouts and Brennan can get lost to.

  2. ah yes, criticizing a man by association... but I guess that's why you're writing a blog and not something more substantial.

  3. some idiot said "ah yes, criticizing a man by association... but I guess that's why you're writing a blog and not something more substantial."

    the association is damning and discredits the source and intention of the interview. What no one points out is that JC left because no one in the front office (e.g. MO and company) would back him up when the league made ridiculous demands....

    The only thing totally unsubstantial here is your comment. Go back to being MO's assistant now.

  4. Anonymous said...

    "ah yes, criticizing a man by association... but I guess that's why you're writing a blog and not something more substantial."

    Keep up the good work!!!!!

  5. Yes, 10:17 you're right - we need less independent voices (which are opinion btw) and more press releases from Toronto FC FO and the other "sycophant to MLSE" media outlets. God forbid another side of the story is approached.

    You can disagree, but the fact that Carver is a First Wave buddy (as is Preki) and 50% of the rest of TFC over the years wasn't brought up by this guy as a criticism - merely a point to make us think about the reasons behind this hasty interview. Do you think the only people worthy of writing about soccer are employed by this city's hockey-mad mainstream media?