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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Has "The New Era" started yet?

The fat, yawning kid is far less likely to give away that ball than Nick Garcia

Every TFC promo since the beginning of the season has been touting the beginning of a "new era" under Preki. This fresh start is apparently the change we've been waiting for. Much like the new era that started under John Carver - but with less likeable players. Judging by tonight's 4-1 drubbing by New England, the results are similar as well.

Rather than re-hash the infuriating and schizophrenic loss in Boston, perhaps we can just take a look at the "new era" we are now living under. New manager Preki is trying to instill a tough, hard work ethic based on solid skills, that much is fine. Sadly the misDirector of Football Mo Johnston has been unable to provide him with decent talent to do so - that is not. Part of the Preki revolution was to rid the club of players who did not fit with this philosophy - reasonable idea right?

The error with this plan is of course expecting that a man who has only managed to reconstruct an expansion team after 5 years on the job could replace those players. In fact, let's take a little look at some of the "Old New Era's" players" and some of the "New New Era's" replacements.

"OLD NEW ERA STARTERS": Carl Robinson, Danny Dichio, Tyrone Marshall, Adrian Serioux, Amado Guevara, Marvell Wynne

"NEW NEW ERA REPLACEMENTS": Marco Saric, Nick LaBrocca, Nick Garcia, Ty Harden, Dan Gargan and a Latvian with too many consonants in him name for 1AM.

So, as you try to tell yourself that "everything will work out" and "we need to give it time to gel" ask yourself which team you would rather build around right now. Minus the retired (forcefully) Dichio, the old club needed a few additions to become MLS-good. It needed a top-notch striker, a speedy winger and a solid centreback. Instead, Mo "Man with No Plan" Johnston has overseen a panicked wholesale change while barely having the skills to give change for a cup of coffee.

In the spirit of Revolution... isn't it time to stop singing songs for long retired players and start continuously spewing the venom you all feel (don't deny it!!!) towards the one man responsible for this shambles? No, as much as I'd love to say Nick Garcia... you know who it is. And before you get any bright ideas, Jim Brennan (aka Jo Bronston) should not be his replacement. Time for the paying customers to yell louder and longer because with the current management in charge, we will have a "new era" every season.

Oh and... you suck Nick Garcia. Go. Leave. Now. You make baby Jesus cry.


  1. Mo needs to go! It has become obvious that he has no plan. 4 years later and we are still an expansion team. TFC will NEVER succeed with Mo as GM.

  2. agree with this article 100%. Leave Garcia, just pack your bags and leave, your ridicolous..