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Sunday, April 11, 2010

THE WORD: Maxim-um panic signing?

---------------A far more entertaining Russian "Maxim"

Despite last night's 4-1 split personality loss to New England, Nick Garcia has not been left behind at the team's breakfast buffet. But not to fear Reds' supporters, the top-level management team at Toronto FC will fix things with a well researched and scouted transfer move right? Surely the rushed signing of Latvian defender Raivis Hščanovičs after Jo Bronston's "retirement" was an emergency move and the next signing will have a higher pedigree! Uh-huh.

According to reports in this morning's Toronto Sun a new signing, Russian second-division substitute Maxim Usanov is about to be signed. Oh... great. Before you get too excited on who could be the next Nikolai Garciov, his history is worth a look. Usanov has never managed to make more than 19 appearances in one season, mostly in the Russion Second Division. Even Skonto FC (where Ray-Ray played) loaned him out twice over two seasons. So, to review Reds' fans: Hardly good enough to start in the Russian Second Divison = the answer to MLS's worst defence.

The only other disturbing piece of information about this potential deal (yes it can be worse) is that Maxim Usanov and Raivis Hščanovičs apparently share the same agency. Oh my God, has Mo's agent Barry MacLean run out of players for Mo to sign? Did poor Mo have to actually go find a new agency to supply him with rejects from lesser leagues? Perish the thought! That poor, sweet, humble Scotsman. No word yet if the Russian agent's name is Boris MacLeanov.



  1. This site sucks. Say something positive and get behind the boys. Have you seen this guy play? Didn't think so morons. We got the grass a bigger stadium and are going to beat on Philly at least 3-0 at bmo. You not real supporters.

    Toronto til I die!

  2. Hey Anonymous.

    Are you REALLY happy that TFC conceded 4 goals in the second half? Are you REALLY happy that we have no proven goal-scoring forward, meaning more than 5 goals a season?

    If none of this bothers you, are you REALLY a season's ticket holder? When I pay a premium price for tickets, I expect a premium style of play. I expect to go into every game and believe that TFC is capable of scoring 3 goals instead of merely WISHING for it.

    Thanks for visiting the site enough to tell them it sucks. Please don't come back. I like what they have to say because there's a nugget of truth. Speaking of nuggets of truth, Philly 2 - TFC 0. That's my prediction.

    If you think grass is more important than winning, then you're not a supporter either, you're an environmentalist.

  3. @ Ignirtoq

    He must be a huge fan of MLSE!!!