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Monday, April 12, 2010

Mobama brings more change: "Yes We Cann"

------------Running for President of both Celtic and Rangers

Well, for once in recent memory Mo Johnston stayed true to his word. During the press conference last week where Jo Bronston was unveiled as Assistant to the misDirector, Mo remarked that his famous two or three signings were on their way. As of this afternoon, three have indeed arrived. Yes they are all defenders but hey, beggars can't be choosers. Will they be playing in the MLS All Star Game? Again with the beggars.

Yes, Mo has added two players who have been trialing with TFC. The first is Russian Second Division substitute Maxim Usanov. As reported earlier here, the 25 year old has bounced around the Russian and Latvian leagues but has never quite stuck with one club. Reportedly a rightback, Usanov may indeed prove useful as that is a position of weakness. As of course are most on TFC's backline.

The other signing of the day is sometime Canadian International defender/ James Franco lookalike, Adrian Cann. The 29 year old Thornhill native had his best years with Vancouver Whitecaps making 58 appearances in two seasons and garnering interest from Danish club Esbjerg fB who signed him to a 4 year deal in 2008. However, things didn't quite work out for Cann in Denmark and he was released in early 2010. He finds himself back in MLS for the first time since his rookie season with Colorado and with his 6 foot 3 frame will hopefully relegate Nick Garcia deep down the bench.

In the end, today's signings and Ray-Ray Hscanovics last week are hardly the earth shattering changes that TFC needs to really compete - but they will add depth. Mo Johnston's 5 year plan has indeed made Reds supporters beggars in every way but the signings are indeed better than nothing. The fact that they are the kind of signings we would expect from the expansion Union and not fourth year TFC is far beyond our choosing and the shame of the misDirector. There is no action, just reaction. Not change we can believe in.

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