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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

THE STARTING 11: Curious items on the BMO Field security blotter

-------------BMO Security was ready for any rogue streamers

In about 48 hours, BMO Field will be full of 21,000 screaming red clad supporters watching TFC's 2010 home opener. The atmosphere at the Lakeshore Temple has gained quite the reputation around the league and is considered to be the most "international" of MLS stadiums. Of course, with an often rowdy ambience comes the odd spot of bravado/ beer-vado fuelled trouble as well. The BMO Field security has tended to some curious incidents in four years...
11. Hawk Taunting aka "Bitchy Baiting"
10. Chadist Abuse
9. Grand Theft Carlsberg
8. Career Suicide Attempt (reported of a Mr. J. De Guzman)
7. Fooliganism/ Tooliganism
6. Excessive "Ole" Usage
5. Attempted Mo Tossing
4. Concealing a Deadly Streamer
3. Fraud (Insert own joke here)
2. Late Second-Half Choking
1. Assault and Chip Buttery

1 comment:

  1. Fun. No late choke this year I think.