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Saturday, October 23, 2010

AFTER 90: Once more with feeling

One eye on 2011


On a night where all MLS eyes were gathered in D.C. to watch the farewell of arguably United's greatest player, it was the unarguable best player in Toronto FC's short history that stole the show. After TFC dropped down 1-0 during a shocking opening 60 seconds, The Reds' captain and enigmatic talisman Dwayne De Rosario showed what he can do when firing on all cylinders mentally and physically delivering TFC to a rare road victory. At the end of a miserable season where the mercurial hometown star was often the only saving grace for Toronto, it was fitting that his two goal performance should lead the club into hopefully, but far from assured, greener pastures.

Tonight's match was of course a meaningless affair. D.C. United has had an appalling season in 2010 with a management team who make ML$E look nearly competent... nearly. Few would have really cared tonight if TFC had not shown up and chalked up yet another road loss but for Nick Dasovic it must be a satisfying evening in what could be his last as Reds manager. TFC showed some heart and fight, a rare sight in 2010, and even glimpses of future hope in the energetic play of Academy product Nicholas Lindsay. While things are indeed bleak - there are threads of hope to hang on to for 2011.

Of course, if those threads are to be woven into a successful new season, ML$E must do the right thing and put the right man in charge. The fan protests and subsequent ML$E apology and season ticket "sorry gifts" will all be for naught if this one move isn't performed by Anselmi & Co. It's not good enough to let Earl Cochrane and Jim Brennan to make a bunch of player moves before hiring a cheap GM in January. No, if the owners really want to make amends to their suffering supporters - this is the only move they must make. A top quality GM, sooner rather than later, and then get out of the way. That could be the only saving grace of a season which mercifully ended on a note of tiny hope.

MAN OF THE MATCH: Dwayne De Rosario (TFC)
: Nick Garcia (TFC)... because it may be my last chance and I'm a petty bastard!

MATCH IN FIVE WORDS: Moreno. Surprising. Hopeful. Finally over.


TOTALLY FAKE POST-MATCH QUOTE: "Thank God it's over." - TFC's supporters collectively exhale

Moreno: MLS Legend


  1. well, thank god that's all over, if only I had confidence things would improve.

    one good thing, dc's fans were really good, they learnt well and quickly from TFC fans.

  2. Great read all season lads. Keep it up.