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Monday, January 24, 2011

THE STARTING 11: Toronto FC preseason vaccinations

"You are safe to play The Crew now"

The first photo-op of any preseason is of eager (well, mostly eager) players arriving at their club and getting ready for their annual medical. Down at BMO Field, Toronto FC's crack medical team will be putting the Reds, both old a new, through their paces to make sure they are up to scratch. Of course, it's not all jumping jacks and 1930's style fat-shaking machinery - Doctor Dichio and staff also has to get the roster ready for the rigours of an MLS season and its inherent dangers with a series of vaccinations against some potentially odd ailments...
11. Bitchy Rabies
10. (Aron) Winter Blahs
9. Strained Afro (Julian de Guzman only)
8. DP Envy
7. Mo Withdrawal
6. Buttygut
5. Dan-Gargantuism
4. Cann-cussion
3. Columbus, Ohio
2. Celtic Fever
1. Nicked LaBroccas

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