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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Letters from Camp: "Bent it like Jason"

Jason: On staff

Aron Winter added some bench strength on the coaching side by promoting Jason Bent from the Academy ranks to 1st Team Assistant Coach. It's a solid move on the club's part as the 33-year-old Bent is a decent, young Canadian coaching prospect and his three years as Academy Head Coach gives him a strong bond with the crop of Academy youngsters moving to the 1st Team. For the Toronto native, whose playing career with the likes of Colorado and Plymouth Argyle was cut short by injury, it is a chance to learn the ropes of professional level coaching under some solid Dutch professors. No word yet from the club regarding who will fill the position of Academy Head Coach with possibilities including Danny Dichio, Mr. Coffee (Jim Brennan) or a professional poached from The Netherlands.
It seems like Aron Winter may have got caught out as an MLS rookie manager when he announced the signings last week of Javier Martina, Elkebay Bouchiba and Nick Soolsma. While all signs point to the probability that the Dutch trio will indeed be signed, their contracts may well be stuck in the world of visas and MLS head office red tape. Toronto FC is being very careful in press releases to never refer to the three players as "signed" before any kind of official confirmation. Winter may have indeed had his first foray into the wacky world of Major League Soccer contracts.
TFC had their first training session at their new Orlando-based camp on Tuesday which saw Aron Winter himself kitted out and looking fit enough to roam the midfield! All members of the 1st Team squad are on hand in Florida and so far the following players are also confirmed:
TRIALISTS: Javier Martina, Nick Soolsma, Chris Hunter, David Monsalve and Gianluca Zavarise
TFC ACADEMY: Ashtone Morgan, Matt Stinson, Oscar Cordon and Keith "Booyah" Makubuya
DRAFT PICKS: Demetrius Omphroy and Joao Plata
There is yet to be any confirmed word about would-be signing Elkebay Bouchiba or draft picks Matt Gold and Efrain Burgos Jr. While Bouchiba and Burgos may be held up by American work visas, the omission of Gold as well as the unknown status of trialist Eddy Sidra are mysterious. The club is expected to release its full list of camp participants shortly.


  1. Seems with Bent's promotion to the first team as 2nd Asst. Coach, we have Dichio and Brennan secured in the Academy as Coaches.

    Damn this is more intelligent of a team than the Mo-Carver-Cummins era which in hindsight is looking intellectually bankrupt.

  2. Danny tweeted that he is taking over Bent's role, so there you have it :)