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Monday, February 21, 2011

THE STARTING 11: Features on the new Toronto FC SUV

"Suck it Toronto Transit Commission"

Before we get to our usual Monday silliness, we just want to thank our readers, both new and old, who helped us crack the 50,000 hit mark. Hope you enjoy the site as much as we enjoy creating it - thanks for being a Yorkie too! Now, if we were MLSE we would sell a range of "We Hit 50K" scarves (damn, that's a good idea) but unlike Toronto FC's owners we don't have that cross-promotional clout. Recently, MLSE has taken TFC promo products to a new level - forget scarves, kits, hats and ponchos... you need the TFC car! Yes, at this year's Toronto Auto Show the 2011 KIA Sportage "Toronto FC Edition" was unveiled with some very unique Reds-centric features...
11. Rack-and-Peterson steering
10. Optional spoiler / hawk
9. Winter Ty Hardens
8. Jim Brennan drives you wherever you want
7. Extra large Butty holders
6. Special washer fluid that costs $9 dollars a pint
5. "Check Engine" light / "Cheque Signing" light
4. Interior carpets replaced with real grass
3. The "Mo Johnston 5 Year Plan" Warranty
2. The seats cost more every year
1. Dichiometer


  1. I say go through with the whole "50k Scarves" idea. You can sell it at the Footy Clobber for $15 a piece.

  2. Ha ha @ the Jim Brennan one - what does that guy even do now except trot out that daft haircut?