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Thursday, February 10, 2011

MLS releases 2011 schedule... wives and girlfriends will be missed

"Honey, I found a Tuesday in November..."

For some wacky reason known only to Don Garber and his band of merry New York execs, it seems to take Major League Soccer longer every year to release the regular season schedule. But alas, after much waiting, supporters' patience was rewarded today with the release of the full fixture list.
For the first time, MLS will go with a balanced schedule meaning every team will play each other twice home-and-away. Why this can't translate into a single table we'll never know but apparently us Eastern Conferences are supposed to feel hatred towards the Western Conference. "Ooh you nasty Westerners with your Pacific Ocean and such! Grr!"
Anyhoo, Toronto FC's rabid support were nonetheless made aware of their plans for the next eight months. To our wives, girlfriends, children and pets... we're sorry. See you in October... unless there are playoffs... then see you in November. Highlights of TFC's 2011 include:
· The season opens away to Vancouver Whitecaps on March 19th at 7PM
· One week later on March 26th, BMO Field welcomes MLS newcomers Portland Timbers for its fifth home opener
· A very heavy April sees TFC play 4 out of its 6 matches at home including an April 13th visit from Los Angeles with Beckham, Donovan and a guy named Barrett in tow
· A very balanced home-and-home schedule throughout May and June
· No break or even minor rest period during this summer's CONCACAF Gold Cup
· Vancouver makes its first MLS visit to BMO Field on June 29th followed the next week by Toronto's away fixture at New York Red Bull's excellent Red Bull Arena on July 6th
· Schedule returns to a majority balanced schedule through to the end of the season with the regular season culminating with a visit from New England on October 22nd
· Still to be shoe-horned into the schedule are Canadian Cup fixtures and hopefully a run in the CONCACAF Champions League qualifying round and group stage.
To see the complete schedule and break the news to your family visually follow link to official site...

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