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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

THE WORD: TFC to loan Stevanović to TFC?

"Oh, Torino! We're goin' crazy, oh yes it's true!"

Could we finally get to see some hot TFC-on-TFC action? Numerous sources out of Italy are chattering (likely with their hands waving) that Torino FC, aka TFC Italia, is preparing to loan their young midfielder Alen Stevanović to Toronto FC. The rumour, which started off on a few Italian football websites this morning, has been picking up steam as the day has worn on and is now being reported by local mainstream outlets such as The Fan 590.
In theory, the move would make sense as loaning players has been mentioned numerous times by management recently as a way of filling out TFC's thin roster. For Torino, it would allow them to move a player who was recently highly regarded but desperately needs playing time, to a league with far less pressure than Serie A. Whether the potential move is long-term or short, it could be mutually beneficial.
For Stevanović himself, a move to MLS could prove to be the tonic for a career that seems to keep getting stuck in neutral. The 20-year-old Serbian/ Swiss midfielder was highly sought after during his early career with Serbian side FK Radnički Obrenovac which led to a transfer to Italian giants Inter Milan. Despite his promise, the young Serbo-Swiss couldn't manage to crack Jose Mourinho's talent-laden squad except for one sub appearance and was moved to Torino FC in 2010 in a co-ownership deal. Since that time, Stevanović has only managed 8 First Team appearances with Il Toro and is possibly in need of a fresh start.

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  1. The goop that great things are made from.

    i'm beginning to come to this site to get interesting hints of who may be coming to TFC in a real way. Great site of interest for a TFc fan. : )