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Saturday, February 25, 2012

LETTERS FROM CAMP: "It's just a friendly after all..."

Forza Violas!

Toronto FC started their official preseason friendly schedule tonight in the group stage of the Walt Disney World Pro Soccer Classic. The opponents were none other than the local club and USL Pro Division Champions Orlando City. Since, like TFC, we are shaking off preseason rust, here are some shoddy highlights instead of a post-match report from tonight's action...
- Orlando City's nifty purple kits solidify their claim to fame as "The Fiorentina of Central Florida"
- TFC's new Ecuadorian defender Geovanny Caicedo looks like a complete beast... and that was just in the pre-match waiting line
- Sadly the national anthem of Disney World was ignored. Racists.
- The aforementioned Ecuadorian beast looks a little shaky on the defensive communication and gets caught crashing and banging giving Orlando a PK. John "You May Have Heard of My Brother" Rooney converts giving The Lions a lead
- No word if John Rooney can afford hairplugs on his USL salary
- After having his left foot prowess questioned by the "top-notch" MLS commentators, TFC's Miguel Aceval curls a free kick home via a deflection making it level
- Danny Koevermans taken off in precaution after a seemingly minor injury. Soolsma comes on to please fans of non-racist cats while highlighting The Reds' apparent lack of depth at striker
- Former Wolves manager Mick McCarthy in attendance at Orlando... or it's possibly The Muppets' Sam The Eagle
- Richard Eckersley is like every Englishman visiting Florida - he's sweaty, red and wearing a football shirt
- After some TFC defensive laziness, some dude on Orlando (sue me) slots it home to give The Lions the surprise lead
- Quick in reply, Das Kapitan Torsten Frings does what he has yet to do in regular season with TFC... score a goal. Level at two.
- Aron Winter celebrates the Frings goal with 7 subs at once, bringing most of TFC Academy into the match
- Stefan Frei making big save after big save. Stop wearing # 24 Stefan - you're a # 1
- "C" grades down the TFC roster apart from The Goalblerone tonight
- They may yet have been given an MLS expansion place but I'd take Orlando City over New York Cosmos II any day


  1. Some dude scored due to the ball work of whatshisname - get all the facts would you?

  2. Toronto FC.....the 2012 version, seems to have some psychological issues. No where in the play last night did I see any player who knew where the other play was going to be. Although they controlled possession by statistics, this is a false concern as their "back-to-keeper" style promotes the statistic.

    I saw no threat in their forward attack, with a glaring lack of speed from the defenders (sans Morgan).

  3. So SF will be our starting GK for 2012 yes?

    1. Most likely. Although Milos has proven he can step in and be #1, I don't think there's any doubt that it's Super Frei who'll be getting most of the calls; especially if he continues to play like he did on Saturday.