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Monday, April 16, 2012

THE STARTING 11: Chivas USA re-brands

When he watches football... he likely doesn't watch Chivas USA

While we are no fans of changing team identities unless absolutely necessary (i.e. Sporting Kansas) sometimes you just have to admit things are stuck in the Roller Hockey era and need a different approach (i.e. Crew, Revolution, Rapids, Impact) While not lumbered with a 90's Nike-infused identity, Chivas USA were branded in a way that alienates Los Angeles football fans who have a built-in hatred for The Goats' parent club Chivas Guadalajara. Despite a history of mostly under-par performances on the pitch, it's in the stands, where attendance is thin at best, where the worry must lay. Could these changes in identity be enough to get fans down to Home Depot Center? When Galaxy isn't playing that is. Oh... and when it's not a school night.
11. FC Zenit San Andreas
10. Borussia Monchihuahua
9. Pachuca North End
8. Dos Equis' "Most Interesting Club in the World"
7. Sheffield Miercoles
6. Santos Laguna's Little Helper
5. Deportivo De La Carson
4. Galatacoray
3. FC Girondins de Border Patrol
2. Club UnAmerica
1. IFK Goatborg


  1. Thank you for #4. Much appreciated.

  2. Hahaha! FC Zenit San Andreas... lol

  3. Love this. #4 is great but the Simpsons fan in me can't stop laughing about #6. Awesome as always.