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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

CHANTS ON GOAL: "I gotta hear more Bermuda Triangle!"

"There's only one cure..."

Welcome back to our sing-along depot where we try to unleash TFC supporters' inner BMO Field Idol. After witnessing the spontaneous, wildfire popularity of the "Where is Waldo?" chant at the Canada v USA match, we know you have an ear for some new tunes. With that we bring you a few more dittys for you to try out at the oppportune TFC moment. Now... from the diaphragm...
Enjoying the agile play of our young winger Reggie Lambe? Do you miss when Michael Jackson could light up pavement? Moonwalk to this...
(to the tune of "Billie Jean")

Reggie Lambe is from Bermuda
He's just a kid,
But makes defenders look slow
Thanks Ipswich for letting him go

Is it just one of those days at BMO Field? Did the Reds just miss (another) chance at goal and make you wonder why you showed up? Whistle away...
(to the tune of "Don't Worry, Be Happy)

Here's a club I pay to see
Sometimes so bad, should be free
Don't worry
Be happy
Johnson looked like a sure bet
Took a shot and missed the net
Don't worry
Be happy
(Feel free to replace "Johnson" with the name of whomever just missed a sitter)

Are the Whitecaps in town again? Are they still going on about Voyageurs Cup conspiracy theories? Make it rain...
CAPS FOR THE CUP (to the tune of "Blame it on the Rain")

Blame it on the rain, (not Eric Hassli)
Blame it on the ref, (not lack of fight)
Whatever you do, don’t blame those Cups on you
Blame it on the rain, yeah, yeah

Got a song or a chant you tthink TFC supporters need to hear? Email it to us at or send us the idea on Twitter @theyorkies1812 and we may feature it in a future "Chants on Goal"

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