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Sunday, June 3, 2012

THE SOUTH STAND REPORT : Canada v USA... or Playing it like you mean it!

The TIFO at the away end that we couldn't read

Thank you weather gods for not pissing down on us!

Centenary match, blue kits, warm-up to qualifying, blah blah blah... you know the setup.

Pre-game at Maro.  Now that's a footy buzz.  Lots of people in Canada gear having a pint or two or four.  Met up with the lovely blogging cartel of @kzknowlesand @wakingthered and met @sulfur_chesh for the first time.  We laughed at the "Wheels on the bus" song, remarked on the length of the beer line.  Good times and an appropriate warm up.

Onto the match...

9' - DeRo cuts inside a defender and has a go, but the ball just goes wide of the far post.
14' - YELLOW - deGoo with a bad tackle.
23' - Ricketts pokes a ball low left forcing Howard to make a diving stop.
38ish' - So apparently I didn't write anything down, but a scramble to the left of Howard saw a cross go in and someone beat the keeper... meanwhile on the sidelines, the linesman's flag was up and the ref, I guess, wanted to see how the whole thing would play out.  It went in then it was offside.  Something like that.

Half-Time : Retro Chic 0, Waldos 0

52' - US cross to Jones gets headed downward but cleared off the line by Edgar.
54' - YELLOW - Hainault booked on a late tackle.
61' - DeRo on the doorstep, after two lunging touches, he can't get enough power on the ball to trouble Howard.
65' - SUB - Occean comes off for Simeon Jackson.
67' - deGoo has a solid go from 20 yards out, no trouble for Howard.
68' - Jackson has a go from the edge of the box and just goes over the bar.  Welcome to the match Simeon.
73' - SUB - Pacheco comes on for Ledgerwood
82' - YELLOW - Johnson gets booked for a very weak tackle and a weaker call.
85' - SUB - Hume comes on for Ricketts and de Guzman makes way for Piette.
88' - SUB - Klukowski comes in for Jazic.

3 mins of extra time

90+2' - Set piece free kick from 25 yards out, crosses into a cluster of US and Canada shirts, finds a header forcing Hirschfeld to make a great tip over the bar.

Full Time : Canada 0, USA 0

Full disclosure, I'm not sure who is who on the Canadian Men's National Team.  On one hand, I'm a little embarrassed and on the other, I don't actively chase who is who all season long.  Half of my guesses as to who was who were wrong.

Canada played very well.  The fact remains is that the US play very very well and are definitely a side to be reckoned with and respected, even if Canada had more legitimate opportunities than them.  Their ball control is superb.  Canada, on the other hand, played without reservation.  De Ro was determined to turn small opportunities into big opportunities. Occean was making crazy runs and was unlucky not to have a good chance at goal for his efforts.  Johnson was all over the midfield.  McKenna and Ledgerwood were solid anchors and didn't panic when the pressure was on.  And Lars Hirshfeld played superb.

As I ranted at the game, I envy the hell out of the United States for having nicer kits than we do.  Their hooped kit is nice, as is their navy and white sash home kit.  That being said, the Canada throwbacks are the class.  Seriously gorgeous on the pitch.  This should be an away kit if only because it serves to have greater meaning than the ordinary boring white kit we've always been stuck with (that black one was gorgeous, but I digress) and that it looks stunning.  The white collars look amazing, and the goal keeper's kit looks like something from a game of subbuteo - very sharp stuff.  Props to Umbro and appealing to my kit nerd sensibilities. (OK, why am I riveted watching grown men flick little plastic pieces...)

If you've read this far, please consider coming down to BMO Field on Tuesday June 12th and watch this fun and gutsy side take their talents into battle against Honduras for a World Cup Qualifier.


  1. You'll miss it if you wait til October. The Honduran game is Tuesday June 12th.

    1. Look at us - already looking to the end of the round! Thanks - fixed. People should still come!

  2. Good lord was I tired. Good eye. Thanks.