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Monday, June 4, 2012

THE STARTING 11: Future rewards for Canada vs. USA friendly matches

Sharp kit there Landon.

For a friendly, Sunday night's "Centennial Match" between Canada and our charming neighbour to the south had a bit of everything. Well, it had no goals... but it was a competitive, fast-paced and chippy affair with a semi-decent crowd on hand. For those who were wise enough to attend, many left with the feeling that these two teams should really meet more often. Of course, in the lucrative world of FIFA friendly matches, you sometimes need to dangle some potential reward in front of teams but these baubles should be enough to tempt the USA and the Canucks to meet more often...

11. Rights to Minnesota / Manitoba constantly on the line

10. If Canada loses , players must wear USA's leftover "Where's Waldo" kit to all formal events for a year

9. If Canada wins two friendlies in a row, USA must "let them have a go" at this World Cup thing we keep hearing about

8. A USA win sees David Hoilett suddenly "finding" American heritage

7. Winner gets rights to all future Bunburys

6. A Canadian victory will see President Obama forced to sneak the word "Lenarduzzi" into next State of the Union address

5. A US win allows Jurgen Klinsmann allowed to "fix" Vancouver Whitecaps and Montreal Impact for hefty fee

4. If Stephen Hart can manage a win then Landon Donovan has to be his sexy French maid for a week

3. Loser keeps Justin Bieber

2. A Canada win would see CSA Governors take over the USA Soccer Federation for three days... putting the American program backwards by 20 years

1. Lake Erie is all up for grabs

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