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Friday, July 13, 2012

de Guzman de gone to FC de Allas

No need to hitchhike Jules - you've got a Lambo!

Much maligned by some, to be missed by others, TFC's first-ever Designated Player and Scarborough native Julian de Guzman has been traded to FC Dallas. In a move that is quite obviously a salary dump, The Reds receive Andrew Wiederman in return. Wiederman is a 22-year old midfielder/winger with Generation Adidas status who has yet to see significant playing time in MLS.
The long-term litmus test on today's deal will of course be what Toronto FC does with what Paul Mariner claims "gives us increased flexibility to address areas where we have more pressing needs and opens up a designated player spot for our club," The pressure will be on Mariner and Co. to make a series of moves that indeed plugs the gaping holes on TFC while addressing the lust in many circles to add a marquee name. While dumping de Guzman will satisfy some fans who never held any affection for the player, that goodwill will wear off in a hurry if the club falls into its usual state of inaction.
July 12, 2012
8PM: First rumours of Julian de Guzman departing Toronto
8:30PM: Texas Lamborghini dealers get odd text messages
9PM: FC Dallas emerge as destination for de Guzman
9:30PM: Wrexham upset that rumours of them getting Wales' second de Guzman in a week would not come true
10PM: Whispers that Canadian international defender Kevin McKenna may be on his way to TFC
10:30PM: Whispers that TFC may be receiving Tony Tchani, Danleigh Borman and Andy Iro in return for de Guzman
July 13, 2012
1AM: Rick Titus unable to sleep with sudden TFC job openings. Stares at beeper for an hour
2AM: de Guzman's agent confirms that trade to Dallas is for realsies
4AM: With a DP slot open - TFC consider Messi.
4:02AM: CORRECTION: "TFC considered messy"
6AM: Earlier Kevin McKenna to TFC rumour actually "Paul Mariner to send Jim Brennan out to get McDonald's." Mariner loves him some Hot Cakes & Sausage. FACT.
7AM: Still not a peep from Rick Titus' beeper
9AM: Rangers dropped to Scottish Third Division. Why has TFC not sent a rescue helicopter for Maurice Edu yet?
10AM: Official trade confirmations coming in (here)... And scene....
10:45AM: Rick Titus unhappy. Hot Cakes & Sausage finished.


  1. " Rangers dropped to Scottish Third Division. Why has TFC not sent a rescue helicopter for Maurice Edu yet?"

    I likey!!!

  2. Not sure how you stay SO informed on moves on the inside of TFC- have you a YorkiesCam planted somewhere deep in BMO?
    Did you notice Rick TItus with the Academy teams on the field before the last game? He is an Academy coach. A local legend....

    1. We can't comment on what cameras we may have and where they may be. Hint: McDonald's. But yes - we do keep up to date on The Mighty Titus and may or may not know the guy who sold him his beeper.