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Monday, December 3, 2012

A "Quick Pick Upper" as Reds go for Braun

Justin Braun. Not to scale.

As the transfer window swung open in Major League Soccer, TFC decided to make their first move of ClearOut 2012 (TM) with a trade that was met with a resounding "... oh, ok. Why not?" 2012 First Round pick and fan of shooting at odd angles Aaron Maund has been dealt to Real Salt Lake in return for forward Justin Braun. Do with that as you may.
Maund came to TFC with unreasonably lofty expectations being a First Round pick, with many fans holding their breath that a future centreback had been found. Plus, the English translation of his Twitter handle is "I am a monster" - so he gets some of the blame. Maund looked like many rookies would have on the league's worst defence and wasn't helped when Paul Mariner suddenly decided he was... Ta-Dah!... a defensive midfielder! The Notre Dame grad will now head to Utah where he can listen to jazz, wear John Stockton shorty-shorts and make use of numerous wives/Osmonds. At least according to Wikipedia.
Heading northward ho (not you Brandy) is depth forward Justin Braun. The 25-year old who was discovered playing amateur "soccer" in his native Utah (no doubt in front of many wives/Osmonds/Mitt Romney... thanks Wikipedia) spent the lion's share of his career with Chivas USA racking up a decent 24 goals in 96 appearances. Last season, The Goats shipped him to Montreal (Boooo! Hissssss! Pepsi!) who in turn flipped him to his hometown Real Salt Lake. Braun will no doubt have a great chance at getting his career back on track in Toronto where Danny Koevermans is scheduled for full fitness next October and Eric Hassli will somehow be suspended for 15 games starting next week.

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