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Monday, January 14, 2013

TFC to sign Julio Cesar! No not that one. (Now with 70% more delicious confirmation!)

Somebody needs a cuddle.

It's the beginning of the week and that means Toronto FC needs to make some news! A week after their controversial appointment of Ryan Nelsen as manager, the club are reportedly set to add a veteran presence in Julio Cesar. Now hold up Stefan Frei supporters - it's not Nelsen's teammate, the QPR goalkeeper, but Brazilian journeyman defender/midfielder Julio Cesar Santos Correa. And when we say journeyman - we mean jouuuuuuuuuuurneyman.

The 34-year old, most recently of Sporting Kansas City is a player with bags of experience and enough Air Miles to buy a quality bungalow. Since 1995, Cesar has played on an astonishing 15 clubs including Real Madrid, Benfica, Olympiacos, Valladolid (twice), Tigres and erm... Bolton Wanderers. Well into the twilight of his career, this is a depth signing at best and likely a "Break Glass In Event of Torsten Frings' Knee" measure. But hey, we've all been crowing about depth right?

Very little to get upset or excited about over this deal as it is safe to believe that Kevin Payne signed him at a wage befitting age. Sweet rhymes! A bit of cover and a bit of experience off the bench. The only thing left to measure is how Brazilian he actually is. TFC's last Brazilian, Maicon Santos, was so non-samba that we re-dubbed him "Mike Sanders". If Julio Cesar doesn't do some step-overs and/or 360's quickly, there is a "Jules Seaver" waiting for him. "Jules Seaver St. Clair" if you want the full Brazilian. And who doesn't enjoy the full Brazilian?

Official word will be linked below the other Julio Cesar laughing at our inferior Julio Cesar's use of his name.


Stop laughing now, more-famous Julio Cesar, we have official confirmation from TFC... here !


  1. "Mike Sanders" hahahaha Really any news after last weeks press conference will be a let down. The MLSE brass could never top that! Could they?!?!?!?!?

  2. At least they won't be paying a DP contract worth $1.9 million per year for 3 and 1/2 years.