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Thursday, February 7, 2013

LETTERS FROM CAMP: All together now

W Connection prepare for the season

So the gang's all here. Apparently. And by here we of course mean cosmopolitan Orlando, Florida. Toronto FC has released their official 30-man Florida squad and... hey... that's a... bunch of people, now isn’t it? With the "complex deal" for a player that was ready to be announced last week or early this week and the mystical "three other attacking players" seemingly vanished - The Reds instead unveiled a roster whose only surprise is in its lack of surprises.
Maybe we just misunderstood Kevin Payne? Perhaps the "complex deal" was to bring in one Trinidadian trialist and the "three other" players were boys from the very fringes of Canadian football/TFC Academy? That would explain it right? And explain the rising panic in TFC supporters as March 2nd hurtles towards lone striker Justin Braun backed-up on the bench by... er... Justin Braun. Phew?
The above mentioned trialist in camp is indeed T&T international and sometime member of W Connection (which is both a Trinidadian club and a smooth, sexy R'n'B band) Joevin Jones. The young leftback could possibly provide some cover on the left side if he proves capable - and his name translates to "Joe's Wine" - so that's a party. The three academy-ish players are relatively unknown defenders Daniel "The Breeze" Fabrizi, Derrick "Slappa De" Bassi and one-time Uruguayan club flirt Jonathan "I've Played Midfield in South America Briefly" Osario - the nickname admittedly needs work.
It's not all terribly horrifying and season write-offish challenging news. With the lack of the usual slew of TFC trialists (where's a Kiki Musampa when you need him?) and the absolute giant gaping hole in scoring ability, there may be an opportunity for some of the unsigned Supplemental Draft Picks to overcome some of their Supplemental Disabilities and find a spot with the first team. So yeah.... that.
Rebuilding! Shining light! Red thread etc.

UPDATE: This morning the club announced the addition of Argentine trialist Nicolas Cabrera or Nicolas Alejandro Cabrera to his friends. A 28-year old winger who has plenty of experience with big Argentine clubs such as Independiente, Velez Sarsfield and the best of all names - Newell's Old Boys. Intriguing.
Toronto FC's website succumbed to the overwhelming pressure of TFC's broadcast partners and was forced at knifepoint* (*no knives involved) to release the club's full schedule yesterday. As not requested by any fans who have to stand on BMO Field's reflective tin surfaces, the schedule features many a midday kick-off in the middle of the summer. On the bright side - there is a good chance that you may see a spontaneous combustion included in the price of your ticket. Looking at you Richard Eckersley.
The wacky schedule is of course to appease the almighty television schedule because as we know, MLS TV ratings are huge! We're talking Shopping Channel huge! However, if there were no matches on television we'd all be complaining that the sport gets no coverage in Canada so double-edged swords* and all that (*no swords involved). One revelation from the released broadcast schedule was the realization that zero matches would appear on MLSE-owned GOL TV. This is good news for those who already pay enough for TSN and Sportsnet and better news for those already paying for GOL TV whose reasons for dishing out for the "specialty" channel now add up to minus four.


  1. Is it just me or is this TFC roster one of the weakest ever? Why is no one going crazy? There are no forwards and you trade Hasli?

  2. Trying desperately to keep a lid on crazy right now, thanks very much. Please stop pushing.