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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

LETTERS FROM CAMP: Let's do lunch

"Hi SkyDome? Are you open for lunch?"

We are starting to get a slightly better idea of when to tell our significant others that we won't be available for (enter lame family function here) as TFC's match kick-off times are appearing slowly. No, not on the club's website... that would just be crazy talk... but via TV schedules. TSN dropped their mad 2013 MLS science today and with it a few ideas of when to start singing "When The Reds Go Marching In". Some early season kick-offs of interest include...
- MARCH 9TH VS. SPORTING KC (dans le SkyDome) 1:30PM
Also announced were a bunch of midday starts in the summer which is perfect if you enjoy turning bright red/cooking poultry live on the tin floor that is BMO Field. But really, why listen to supporters when TSN has to make space for whatever it is that channel shows when it's not football. Is summer hockey a thing? You've been warned TFC support, SPF timez - and the rest of you who show up 30 minutes late no matter what the start time, you can just burn.
All is quiet on the southern front - Orlando, Florida... here are some crumbs you addicts...
- Doneil Henry has been brought into the Canada U-20 camp next week with a call up to the CONCACAF Championships later this month likely. Henry will thus be away from TFC until early March and if by chance Canada qualifies - will miss some time this June at the U-20 World Cup in Turkey. Gobble gobble.
- Darren O'Dea decided to concentrate on his first pre-season with TFC rather than join the Republic of Ireland who are playing in a friendly this week. O'Dea has been tapped to play a major leadership role and his time with TFC is important at this stage. He says a bunch of things in Irish here...
- He gotz the allocation moneyz at the draft. He gotz the salary capz relief after trading Hassli yo. Time for some cha-ching from Kevin Payne? Not so fast. Homeyz. (So streets right?) The president quietly warned that TFC may not have all the pieces they want before the season begins as he takes the slow and steady approach to signing players he actually wants over panic buying. That being said, the clock is ticking on Payne to "Ante Up"(see scientific video below) before fans recoil in horror at Justin Braun lining up as the lone striker. Homeyz.

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