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Monday, February 4, 2013

Fait accompli... Hassli deal confirmed

Time to bite a new badge monsieur

The worst kept secret in MLS is officially out. As was pretty much announced over Twitter on Friday evening by FC Dallas, the Texan side has grabbed Eric Hassli from Toronto FC for a conditional 2nd Round Draft Pick in 2014. While that doesn't quite make up for the short-sighted gifting of TFC's 1st Round Pick to Vancouver in the first place, it sounds possible that Toronto could get a better deal if Hassli plays well in Dallas. "If Eric has a productive year for Dallas the consideration paid to us will be greater" said TFC President Kevin Payne but as in all MLS deals - the details, including who eats what salary, are shrouded in a cloak of secrecy.
The deal will polarize some in TFC supporting world along the same lines as those pro-Payne and pro-Mariner but the return on the trade isn't the main factor going forward. The pick in return is a side dish for what Kevin Payne truly sought - flexibility with salaries in 2013 and the shedding of a DP contract with the remaining ability to shed one more if desired. The deal of course was not a one-sided affair as the player himself made it clear that he no longer wanted to be in Toronto. This one may go down as mutually beneficial.
Now that the Hassli book is closed and all of the "thanks for your contributions" have been delivered, the real test for Kevin Payne, as well as the glare from supporters, begins in earnest. As of this moment, Justin Braun is the only professionally experienced striker on the squad - and that is not a good situation. With camp underway and less than a month to go before the season begins, Payne must deliver on attacking additions, both midfield and forward, and deliver very quickly if he doesn't want to sabotage his new manager's early career.

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