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Monday, February 11, 2013

LETTERS FROM CAMP: Hit, kit and fit

"Goalkeepers in disguise!" Wait... wrong toy.

The bad news - Stefan Frei's noseholes are broken. The good news? Maybe The Goalblerone has gotten his annual injury out of the way early and it's smooth sailing (but not breathing) ahead. The news is official now that Frei's schnoz did in fact lose the kitchen stadium battle of Boot v Face and he will have to go under the rhinoplasty knife on Tuesday to correct it. No word whether this procedure will take place at a Walt Disney Hospital facility but he should make sure NOT to check the box that says I AGREE TO BE CRYOGENICALLY FROZEN. The silver lining is that Frei didn't seem to get a concussion and that a more serious orbital bone injury was avoided. He may have to return to play with a protective mask like a modern day Bill Laimbeer or that guy from the movie Mask. Steve Maskington? That guy.
MLS announced that they have nothing better to do will hold a week-long (actually four days, but hey) celebration of new sales opportunities with the new "Jersey Week" campaign. As originally thought, it is not an attempt to further promote New York Red Bulls nor is JWow (that's still a thing right?) signing a DP contract (Hey-oooo! Pervs.) No, Chairman Dong Grabber is throwing a festival of polyester dreams to unveil the 12 new kits that will soon be on sale to the public. TFC's home kit is of course one of these new Adidas jewels and if the leaked photos were right, the four days will be used to unveil each of the many giant maple leaves patriotically (spellcheck: patronizingly) adorning the shirt. Word is that TFC will hold its own day on February 26th where we locals can get to know the shirt up close, personal and one-on-one. No word if it will be BoGo letters on "Agbossoumonde" personalized shirts.
One of TFC's training camp emphases... emphasis-is... empha... One of TFC's training camp things is to have a strong back four and newcomer Danny Califf is seen as critical to that success. Some long-suffering Eff to the Cee supporters are thus a bit worried that the burly Californian has yet to train for propers and did not appear in the opening friendly versus Columbus. Word of a lingering knee injury in post-match comments from staff did little to soothe but it appears that the injury is not of the surgical variety but rather closer to cysts on the knee that just require patience. Now you can't blame TFC supporters for fearing the worst but the man himself assures that he will be in the opening day line-up on March 2nd and if you can't trust a man with sideburns like that... who can you trust?

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