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Monday, February 11, 2013

THE STARTING 11: Advantages to holding training camp at Walt Disney World

The striker crisis is solved!

Why were Toronto FC so horrible last year? Ask some returning players (and some ex-members of staff) and the answer is simple: a terrible 2012 pre-season. Yes that was obviously the issue. Obviously. Well nothing to fear - the new TFC hierarchy has answered the call by er... returning to Disney World for the Mickey Mouse Cup and um... scheduling fewer matches. Ok
11. Stefan Frei's broken nose protection to be adorable cartoon mouse nose from gift shop
10. The "Hall of Presidents" display is nearly as long as Toronto FC's "Hall of Managers"
9. The staff at "It's a Small World" attraction provided strong competition to Real Salt Lake during the Joao Plata trade negotiations
8. There's a good chance that Never Land and the Modern Era are the same thing
7. The Teacups makes for a convenient treadmill replacement
6. "The Pirates of the Caribbean" ride is full of potential Bermudian and Trinidadian trialists
5. The handy betting syndicate at Epcot's Singapore Pavilion
4. "The Country Bear Jamboree" does a really hot dubstep version of "The Dichio Song"
3. Sport Goofy does not take up an international roster spot
2. It's comforting to spend time at a place where "Mickey Mouse organization" is not used as an insult
1. Bitchy The Hawk and Daffy Duck are totally doing it

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