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Friday, February 15, 2013

LETTERS FROM CAMP: It's personal...

Down for the count?

Could TFC be on the verge of breaking up with their main man a day after Valentine's Day? That would be cold - Taylor Swift dumping cold - but it was the first thought for many Reds supporters this morning when the club dropped this solemn tweet...

Now let's not add zwei and zwei and come up with funf just yet but Das Kapitan is obviously at the very tail end of his career and there are major question marks about his ability to play in Toronto this year. Throw in his generous salary and the fact that TFC have a couple of weeks to make any DP-slicing decisions and the whispers gather steam. Perhaps it is a completely innocent coincidence but the zungen are wagging.

Here's an absolute left-field assumption that is admittedly without proof... have TFC invited an English journeyman, with bags of experience in the middle of the park, as an emergency back-up for an imminent hole in that area? Ok... it's a stretch but the club have invited 32-year old Cockney Darel Francis "Roy G." Russell to camp for a run about. The veteran of such clubs as Norwich, Stoke, Norwich again, Preston and Portsmouth is versatile but definitely of the "workman' model. Don't expect step overs and 360's but (some of his many) middle names are "Roy G." which sounds like a guy who is "Feat." in a rap video. So there is that. Yo.

Reds' Head Coach Ryan Nelsen is headed back to England. No, he's not planning to suit up for QPR, he's headed over to close up shop on his old life and apparently scout a few players while there. No word if he has finished doing Harry Redknapp's taxes which may or may not have been part of his agreed release. When Nelsen does return in a few days he will be down a man as Matt Stinson will be out for an undetermined amount of time after getting injured against Orlando City on Wednesday. So scout away Nelly! (Psst... a striker or three please.)

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