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Saturday, June 29, 2013

THE SOUTH STAND REPORT : Toronto FC v. Real Salt Lake... or Plata-bing, Plata-boom!

Today is a great day. Sure its mediocre football time, but that's not it. Today is the first day that GO Transit runs every half hour! Regional public transit has advanced by 30 years today.   Just another 40 to go to catch up to the rest of the modern world but baby steps... no more 48 minute waits post match! Only 18 for this guy!

Oh yeah, TFC win and a draw, blah blah blah... let's do this sucker.

This match is brought to you by the BlackBerry 10 speech to text. Not an advertisement, but a precursor to cheap misunderstood amusement!   Go technology!

12 - Go Bruins Is that through 20 yards and Hello will go on the first touch Get away from him but his second touch just tires wife lol 

36 - YELLOW - Go Bruins goes into the book for being crabby as an RSL player gets by him I think 

45 - GOAL - RSL Are passing outside the box gets laid off to Alvarez from 20 yards and then fire slow and far corner 

Halftime mood : a little deflated 

54 - SUB - Go Bruins comes home for silver 

59 - SUB - Call exit the game for on (Braun)

60 - YELLOW - Richter get the yellow for taking down Platter.  Twitter gets up from the original tackle runs a few yards then once you realize is the whistle was blown calls back into the ground again

78 - There's a fight going on with in the practice somebody went down from toronto from a taco then Henry comes in and pushes and RSL clear down.  What is the referee we do you control ...

78 - RED - Henry gets in to for his part in the fight.  Not that we normally keep track of things but in RSL player also received a red and another one receipt a yellow card.

86 - SUB - Movie comes on Coffee

5 Minutes of extra time on apps 

90+2 - YELLOW - Caldwell is a booking for a rough time

90+4' - Broccoli has a chance and from our end, it looked like he shipped it and watched it nearly cross the line only for an RSL defender to clear silk.


[Totally worth it.  ~Ed]

Man of the Match : Brockie was everywhere.  Convey looked great and comfortable too.

Goat of the Game : Henry and it's only for the red card.  I understand sticking up for your teammates, but I fear that this may be the downfall of a promising career.  He needs to keep his head.

Ref Rating : 3 out of 5.  They had a flawless first half, and then they lost the plot.  Things that weren't fouls in the first half, were bookable offenses in the second.  Just pick one.  The good mark was for the first 45.

Kit Spotting : Kid in a Middlesborough kit, guy in a Sao Paulo  FC but the winner goes to the guy in the Sport Clube Bahia kit on the train ride home.

I Am Not The Gaffer But... : the only thing that baffled me was subbing off Hall for Braun.  I would've pulled off Osorio instead of Hall, just for going invisible in the second half.  His first half was spectacular and very early in the match, he was looking to strap the team to his back and power them to a goal.  Nothing significantly puzzling though.

The first half was far from a masterpiece, but Toronto showed composure, control and creativity.  The second half was largely toothless and draining... First half, O'Dea was an anchor in the back, second half he was playing up front... Dear TFC front office, I feel that you don't market enough to the supporters.  Consider putting stickers on all seats telling us who our seats are brought to us by, and who is the official body pillow, home pregnancy kit and hovercraft rental service of Toronto FC?  And there really need to be more tents promoting things out front of the stadium.  I was almost 20 feet from a gate before I witnessed the Sony tent... I don't wanna say we need to keep Brockie, but we should see if Wellington Phoenix will take Reggie Lambe in exchange... Koevermans is still slow, but still reliable and dangerous.  It still feels like he's not at 100%, but it's closer.  Perhaps by Wednesday he'll play the whole match (injuries notwithstanding).

Player Ratings : Bendik 6, Richter 6, Henry 5, Caldwell 6.5, O'Dea 6.5, Osorio 6, Laba 6, Hall 5.5 [Braun N/A], Convey 7 [Lambe 5.5], Brockie 6.5, Koevermans 6.5 [Silva 5.5]


  1. Agree with your Osorio observation, maybe he was slowing in the second half to get down to Canadian speed for Gold Cup.

    Braun for Hall made sense in relation to Silva for Koevermans, since Nelsen decided to drop Silva into attacking mid. Think of it as a criss-cross substitution...

  2. Bekker in the press box, yet again. However, pretty sure he'll be starting vs Martinique in the GC.

  3. I could start against Martinique in the GC