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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Escobarred: Reds open Transfer Window by sending Silva to D.C. for da moneyz

Like Scrooge on Christmas, Kevin Payne flung open the Transfer Window this morning and sent a young boy on his way. Rather than send the youngster for the biggest goose however, Payne sent young Luis Silva packing for the other nation's capital and D.C. United.

What, you ask is a 4th Overall pick worth in 2013's fragile global economic landscape? The other striker we need? A replacement attacking midfielder now that we have... um... Wiedeman...? Surely a wide midfielder right? Nope. TEH MONEYZ!!! Yes, "The Cashman" (see above) has added to TFC's hilarious Scrooge McDuck (I know, went over my Scrooge quota) gold coin pile and added more Allocation Money.

According to Payne, The Reds "are bringing in new attacking talent this window and Luis' playing time would likely suffer". That's all fine and good, but let's hope these "talents" aren't all in the retirement fund not-so-bargain bin. Jettisoning a 24-year old who, until recently, has been highly regarded, will not look too forward-thinking if the allocation ends up being used on a mid-30's journeyman like  (ENTER ENGLISH CHAMPIONSHIP PLAYER OF CHOICE) who leaves after six months.

To be fair, Luis Silva has often looked gun-shy and a shadow of the 2012 model this season but this deal will have to be judged on what it leads to rather than how it looks today. More news is likely on the way, until then we will always have this...


  1. maybe Kevin Payne secretly thinks he's Jerry Maguire!‎

  2. Except without the one superstar in his stable. Hey-ooo!