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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

"Should he stay or should he go?" Toronto FC looks toward 2014 but who should return?

"Get lost dumb jocks!"
From elitist downtown socialist manifesto-enclaves to the moustache dens of Ossington Ave. and out to the moonshine joints frequented by Etobiyokels - It's the question that has been argued vehemently across Toronto. "Should he stay or should he go now? Followed by "If he goes there will be trouble. If he stays it will be double." That's right... the city is in turmoil as we wonder which current Reds should return in 2014! Why... who were you talking about?
Two weeks ago, GM Tim Bezbatchenko said he wanted "to decide on who is staying and who is going in two weeks’ time". Tick-tock T-Bez. Now the wild world of MLS contracts, salary caps, international roster spots and the like are enough to send most GM's into a drunken stupor so we thought we'd help our fave wonk out by picking which Reds we think should be considered as 2014-worthy. The others should really take some time off and "get the help they need".

Agree or disagree? Shout at us in the comments below and we'll say "you asked the wrong question" for six months. Chase us down through the Twitter parking garage @theyorkies1812 and maybe we'll apologize (but it won't be genuine). We love being your website, God Bless the supporters of Toronto FC.

JOE BENDIK: STAY - The "Super Pickle" established himself as a useful MLS # 1 but needs to work on distribution to take next step in development.
STEFAN FREI: GO - Do we want him here? Yes. Can he stay? No. The TFC stalwart's future has been made crystal clear and his future is sadly elsewhere.
CHRIS KONOPKA: STAY - Because of any proof as a member of TFC? Nope. Because he was obviously bought to be the 2014 back-up? Yup.
QUILLAN ROBERTS: STAY* - The details are in the asterisk. Hopeful that Roberts can be a future TFC regular but desperately needs a loan spell elsewhere in 2014.

GALE AGBOSSOUMONDE: STAY - Very raw physical tools but worth bringing back to see if ex-EPL centreback Ryan Nelsen can harness that power into technique.
MARK BLOOM: STAY* - For an NASL loanee, Bloom did well for himself. * is for the fear that TFC will use a few decent showings to coronate Bloom as the starting RB. Not good enough for that but has a place as depth.
STEVEN CALDWELL: STAY - Without the club captain's influence over his young defensive partners the goals against would have likely been much higher. Good leader.
RICHARD ECKERSLEY: GO - Will another MLS club sing "I want your Ecks"? Not at his very inflated salary, which seems to be why TFC made him persona non grata. No going back from that very public shunning.
JONAS ELMER: GO - A signing of Olivier Tebily-esque magnitude. Not a domestic. Not cheap. Not good.
DONEIL HENRY: STAY – Shaky start to the year and was good for one red-card every 10 minutes. However, was arguably the most-improved Red in the 2nd half of 2013. Composure will be his friend.
ASHTONE MORGAN: STAY - If his replacement had panned out he may have lost his job. His replacement was Jonas Elmer. Consistency and smarts need to be improved to solidify self as a long-term MLS starter.
RYAN RICHTER: GO - Even on the cheap the club needs better than Richter for depth. Charleston Battery to MLS was not a leap he was capable of at any high level of output.


KYLE BEKKER: STAY - But... really needs to make a leap in development in sophomore season. Whether at TFC or out on loan, much more intensity will be expected of the 23-year old.
BOBBY CONVEY: GO - Convey did nothing wrong but there are better options at his price range. Out of contract soon, so if he renegotiates at a suitable salary then we would change our mind.
JEREMY HALL: GO - Very on the fence on Hall. A decent squad player coming deep off the bench but really think we've seen everything in his tool bag already.
MATIAS LABA: STAY - The superior footballing talent on this team. If club can find a way of adding complimentary pieces alongside him, his skills will be further highlighted.
REGGIE LAMBE: GO - He has been given every shot possible at TFC to become the player Ipswich had once hoped. He didn't come close. Inconsistent is the most polite word available.
JONATHAN OSORIO: STAY - The feel-good story that seemed to fall into TFC's lap. Says and does a lot of good things - hope the club doesn't manage to destroy his development... or trade him to San Jose for allocation money.
ALVARO REY: STAY - Rey grew on us as the season progressed but there is a fear that he is on far more money than his potential would suggest. His silky step-overs need to be supplemented with some more decisiveness in the final third and overall consistency.
DAREL RUSSELL: STAY - Surprised to find ourselves saying this but Russell may be a handy veteran presence to have for another year. A pain in the ass to opponents off the bench late in a game and a wily competitor who has managed to dodge an international roster spot. Cheeky Cockney!

MICHAEL THOMAS: GO - Hopefully to Miami when they get a team.

JUSTIN BRAUN: GO - Few TFC forwards have frustrated observers as much as Braun. Lacking mobility, finish and positional prowess. Makes us long for The Chad.
BRIGHT DIKE: STAY - "Carnage" has lived up to his Nelsen-given moniker. A big, mean body up front who can create chances by creating a mess. With two magical unicorn DP strikers "on the way", Dike could be a handy blast of energy off the bench when those DP's legs give out in the 70th minute.
ROBERT EARNSHAW: GO - It was fun in March and April. It was kind of OK in October. That middle part of the season? Notsomuch. Not sure what more he can offer a year on.
DANNY KOEVERMANS: GO - Like a rotund crack-addled city official, opinion gets split on Koef. Did he choose to preserve himself with a handy "calf" injury with an eye on a future in Holland, or, is he just a big broken-down bad-luck story? Either way, it's time to move on without him unless he is willing to give it a go on a dirt-cheap deal. Which he likely won't.
EMERY WELSHMAN: STAY* - Only because we'd hate to give up on a local, Welshman needs playing time out on loan. Obviously not in TFC’s plans at the moment but would hate to see him cut adrift without a chance to develop at a lower level first.
ANDREW WIEDEMAN: GO - His finish may be etc. etc. but the Wiedeman Era has passed. Maybe a rainy day contract?

Agree? Disagree? Just wanna get your stupor on? Let us know and also be sure to check out our TFC Final Report Cards here. Anything else?


  1. A few surprises, you came around on Russell and gave up on Hall.
    I guess I do not have the heart to tinker with the roster when so much is up in the air.
    2 Dps
    Trades could mean losing quality to gain quality
    Still in shock that Silva was traded for mystery money
    Still convinced that the salary cap has to be expanded or loopholes created. Frei and Ecks departing just not right.

  2. How do you give up on Reggie Lambe? He's YOUNGER than Kyle Bekker and obviously better. I think everyone always forgets that.