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Monday, February 10, 2014

THE STARTING 11: Potential Miami club names

The 2015 Miami home and away kit

In Don Garber's quest to expand Major League Soccer to 84 clubs by 2019, the Commissioner looked to David Beckham then looked south. No, not at Beckham's southern regions (pervs) but at America's dangly bits... Southern Florida. Hot on the heels of Miami Fusion FC, MLS hopes that with the harnessed star power of international tight undergarment pioneer Beckham, the league can finally crack the South Beach nut. The club has been awarded, the stadium is being negotiated and the Spice Girls are warming up for the anthems. Now... what to name the club?

11. Becka Juniors

10. Olympique LeBron

9. Futbol Club Pour Homme by David Beckham

8. FC Shakhtar Dexter

7. Flamingo

6. Brooklyn, Romeo & Cruz Azul

5. Nipoli

4. Old Man Chest Hair United

3. Victoria Beckham and The Miami Sound Machine

2. H&M Young Boys

1. OGC Vice

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  1. you guys are hilarious, never fail to amaze me.