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Monday, February 3, 2014

THE STARTING 11: Things that Toronto FC supporters gain from 'Argos To BMO'

"You'll never know we're here sakker fans..."

2014 marks the seventh year of us writing about Toronto FC/Mo Johnston-baiting on this here site. Not one year has gone by without us getting our knickers in a twist about the potential move of the Toronto Argonauts PointyEgg Club packing their nomadic hobo sack and landing in "Our House", BMO Field.

Well, as is all too obvious now under the stewardship of MLSE prez Tim Leiweke - the move is on. Set eyeballs to stun as the amazing architectural plans will be tailored to tickle your manbits and/or ladybits into submission. 20% of them will come to fruition. To dispel the rumour that we are completely negative about this eventuality (We are. Get used to it.) we put together one of our trademarked Starting 11's to list all the advantages that you, the loyal TFC supporter, will gain from this huckster's scheme to pave the NFL's journey to Toronto benevolent gift to us.





7. A roof during inclement weather.







And... Since "BMO Field 2: Pinball Clemons Boogaloo" will need a chant befitting the pitch for TFC matches...

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