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Saturday, March 3, 2012

LETTERS FROM CAMP: Whitecaps steal kids’ prize at Disney World

Hungry, forceful teens

This was what the whole Total Football revolution was all about. Just over a year since Aron Winter and Co. took over Toronto FC, the club is in the finals of a prestigious rodent-based tournament. So excited for tonight's final against Vancouver are Toronto FC that they packed up 99% of the first team squad and came home to Hogtown yesterday. 

In all seriousness, Winter has done the right thing in not risking injury to any starters only four days before the big CCL matchup against David Beckham's junk. But, haters gonna hate and some grumpy types will be displeased that TFC is leaving The Mickey Mouse title in the hands of their Academy... and Nick Soolsma... but they'd be grumpier if a Torsten Frings twisted a knee for a useless trophy and missed Wednesday night. So, it's up to the kids to be alright... it's Tiny Talent Time!

1’ - The online feed finally comes to life with rumours that TSN asked the game to be played on ice before broadcasting it. It’s TFC’s kids (and Soolsma) vs. those pot smokin’ hippies.
7’ - TFC Kid Jay Chapman artfully stymies an Eric Hassli run much to the moody Cap’s dismay/embarrassment
10’ - Vancouver’s generic Brazilian, Camilo, slices through TFC’s Junior Defence and roofs the ball over young GK Quillan Roberts. TORONTO 0 - VANCOUVER 1
20’ - TFC Kids doing their best to hold off the much bigger (and professional) Caps squad. Some frantic defending but not bad considering the general difference in pedigree
26’ - Caps’ 2nd overall SuperDraft pick Darren Mattocks fouled Oscar Cordon from behind… possibly because he felt Cordon was behind him not being drafted 1st overall
30’ - Feels creepy having our young players being forced to shoot on Vancouver GK/adult film star "Joe Cannon"
35’ - Whitecaps suddenly having trouble dominating a CSL team
40’ - ESPN3’s announcers warn viewers for the second time that you will be mobbed by fans if you are near Vancouver’s Korean defender Lee Young-Pyo. Fine! Brunch is off Young-Pyo - get your waffles and KimChee somewhere else.
45’ - Reds go close to tying the game but Joe Cannon got his filthy hands all over their balls. A quality half from what is pretty much TFC Academy with good displays from Moises Orozco (P. Coltrane), Keith "Don’t Call Me BooYah" Makubuya and Quillan "Is Serial Quillan Inappropriate?" Roberts


47’ - TFC Kids have come out in the second half full of piss and milk and cookies. Want it more than Whitecaps in the early going
54’ - Eric Hassli limps off with a knock - the best advertisement for TFC’s decision not to play any First Team starters tonight
58’ - TFC Kids have had a downright dominant few minutes with Efrain Burgos Jr. getting a close chance on goal
60’ - TFC sub on the highly touted Stefan Vukovic and the outrageously young Josh Hamilton - a 15-year old. Even if Whitecaps win… they beat a team with a 15-year old.
63’ - Three agonizing near-misses for TFC’s Teen Hunger Force in 15 seconds. Deserved.
74’ - "It’s a Small World After All" would be a great chant by the TFC supporters in Florida right about now
76’ - Quillan Roberts tries to "pull an England" by booming a goal kick the length of the field. Composed night for the young keeper who could be headed towards a pro contract.
82’ - If coach Jason Bent doesn’t allow these kids to stay up late tonight, eat cotton candy and ride Space Mountain then there is no justice
85’ - Vancouver can have The Mickey Mouse Cup… we’ll keep the Voyageurs Cup thanks.
90’ - In the end, an insignificant friendly doesn’t mean too much. Vancouver won’t be happy that they couldn’t put the sword to a team full of teens and trialists while supporters of TFC can feel a little warm and fuzzy about the Academy. The best result for TFC? A rested starting 11 for Wednesday… when the real fun begins.


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  1. Cordon in theholding role is scrappy and perhaps he might be getting groomed as JDG replacement in that spot after this season. The trialists/club newbies Orozco, Burgos, and LB Huezo were prominent. Avila was impressive. On the negative side, Soolsma was too anonymous for a senior first teamer and I hardly knew that Makubuya was on the field.