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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Circus Maximus

Suck it TFC supporters

We made our feelings very clear about Toronto FC and their addiction to annual clown shows here. Nothing has changed.
According to news sources in this country (including Sportsnet here) and in Italy, The Reds are set to make a pandering announcement in Little Italy on Wednesday to announce AS Roma will be this year's dogs and ponies. Our feelings have nothing to do with AS Roma, they are a famous club from a wonderful footballing nation - we wouldn't care if it was a team of Pele/Maradona Cyborgs sent from the future to destroy us (actually we'd like that) - the point is, this just stinks.
It stinks that the date being thrown around is in the middle of two fixtures against Seattle and New England which will force TFC to play 3 matches in 7 days. It stinks that a very thin TFC squad will be forced to play a good core of their starting squad and risk injury. It stinks that TFC don't understand that the only thing true TFC supporters want is for our club to be the good one... not the punching bag for "a real team form Europe".
All power to long-time Roma supporters who want to attend this match. We can't blame you; it's a rare opportunity to see a club you support from afar in the flesh. For the rest of us... why? The argument given that "we deserve to see some quality football after watching TFC all year" doesn't fly. You are still watching TFC, except this time they are being outclassed by a bunch of dudes on vacation. How prestigious!
Another excuse often trotted out in apology is that it "will give a chance for the bench players to get a run out" and/or "it is great experience" for these players to play against a "big club". Neither of these holds much weight. TFC has little depth, there is no way they can field a team of B-Squad players nor will that be expected from those who will have to mortgage their house for tickets for this "competition". As far as a great learning experience? Yes, the goal against Real Madrid put Gabe Gala on a rocket ship to stardom.
Beyond the indignity of the inevitable price (why do we even hold hope that TFC will do the right thing and give suffering season ticket holders a freebie?) the most discouraging thing is that the club just doesn't get it. Seven very long years and they still think we are hockey-lovin' rubes who will be dazzled by some European "sakker guys". No. We know football. We know our football team is not good. We want TFC to put 100% effort into making them good.
TFC management fiddles while Roma burns them.



    1. Is that you Paul Beirne?

    2. Nah, he'd have to "look them up" to know who AS Roma was.

    3. Totti - doesn't he play for Lazio?

  2. Great article once again. Don't we have reserve matches against the likes of Pittsburgh for our bench players?