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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

"That's a spicy friendly!" TFC fare quello che sanno fare meglio

TFC executives do good work

The worst-kept secret on College Street was announced today as Toronto FC bathed themselves in Italo-Canadian colours to announce the inevitable. Yes, AS Roma will visit BMO Field on August 7th to face ASS Toronto which will be met (apart from Roma supporters) with a big "... okay then".

We have made our feelings more than clear here... and here... so we won't bleat on about it anymore. You are either frustrated by the club's seemingly endless addiction to sideshows or you just see this as "another friendly" and meet it with a shrug. That is of course entirely up to you.

The announcement at Toronto's Italian media mecca, the CHIN Building, was obviously necessary because AS Roma plays in Rome. Rome is in Italy. Italians like the soccer. TFC sells the soccer. TFC loves Italians. Here is some video just in off the satellite feed of TFC management addressing their suddenly cherished multicultural life-partners:

TFC understands that all of the Italian community in Toronto won't support AS Roma just because they are from Italy right? Have they heard of Chivas USA? Oh why do we bother? Apparently we are just a minority of Twitter nogoodniks, right Mr. Payne?

Anyhoo, this is the last we will be talking of this match (except of course for the "INSERT STAR PLAYER'S NAME HERE" who picks up a season-ending injury during the match). If you go - enjoy and we hope you don't pay too much. If you decide not to... don't worry, you'll have another chance this time next year.

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