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Monday, June 23, 2014

THE STARTING 11: Odd World Cup injuries

"My face! My beautiful face!"
Going home from the World Cup on a plane sucks bad enough. (You made me cry again England) But, going home on a stretcher from the World Cup is about as bad as it gets for these athletes. After training for years for a shot at international football glory, some unfortunate players have to face this injustice. However, not all injuries are of your garden variety breaks, tears and pulls - this version of the World Cup has seen the rise of a variety of new, strange ailments...

11. Ghana Rhea

10. Ripped Brazilian

9. Slipped Diskerud

8. Daley Blindness

7. Broken Down Honda

6. Horizonte Belos

5. Premature Evacuation (Restricted to England camp)

4. Scrote D'Ivoir

3. Pepe-Induced Migraine

2. Spanish Uninfluenca

1. Sepp Bladder

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