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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

AFTER 90: Yo homes, smell ya later!


We apologize for the absence of tonight's post-match report. Sadly, we are suffering from chronic re-occurring writer's block and have flown back to London, England to seek further care. We have it on good advice that flying back-and-forth across the Atlantic is a cure to most ills.

You may have read rumours in tabloid newspapers that we were about to start a new blog called "The Loftusies" - a completely unnecessary QPR site but there is no agreement in place. At least until January. We remain 100% committed to this site and our teammates in the local "negative cesspool" that are TFC blogs and we will be back.  As for tonight - let's guess at 2-1 Philadelphia. Why not?

Off to an Essex nightclub to do more re-hab. See you later this week at an emotional reunion! Deffo.

The Yorkies

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  1. I have been neglecting commenting here (I was on a trip to New Zealand in a fruitless search for coaching badges), but thrilled to read a nod to fellow bloggers as a "negative cesspool". I promise to start commenting regularly again on September 20th...