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Monday, May 9, 2011

THE STARTING 11: New Joao Plata nicknames

Mr. Platadopolous is hilarious!

For a fanbase that has had little to cheer about over four years, a little treat is well-deserved. And we do mean little. At a generously listed 5 Foot 3, Ecuadorian whiz-bang Joao Plata has stutter-stepped his way quickly into Reds supporters' hearts with his skilful play and "against all odds" attitude. Plus, he's just so cute and adorable! The current MLS Player of the Week, who came to Toronto as a late SuperDraft gamble, arrived with the nickname "La Platita" (Little Silver) but we just wouldn't be doing our jobs if we didn't offer up these new monikers for your consideration...
11. Jwow Plata
10. El MosQuito
9. Grandes Piquenos (aka Biggie Smalls)
8. Joaopoleon Dynamite
7. Elfcuador
6. Joaoggsy Bogues
5. The $9 Pint
4. Fivethreedinho
3. Half A Man - Half Amazing
2. Santos' Little Helper
1. Los Webster

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