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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The South Stand Report: Toronto v. Seattle

What an f'ing cold day. I said to my buddy that if Toronto wins, we could be in a blizzard and we'll all go home happy.

Now ask me why I remember how cold and windy it was.

In the strangest scenario I can think of, the early season kinda hot Toronto FC are having their home opener against the hottest team in the league, new boys Seattle Sounders.

How is it we didn't see our first victory for about 4 or 5 games, and they're undefeated?! What the hell happened here? With my voice recorder busted, predictions ranged from a 1-1 draw to 2-0, 1-0, 3-1 for Toronto.

The supporters, fresh off their humiliation against Columbus (police department, *cracklecracklecrackle*) are in full voice singing the same 4 songs that have served us well. We debut our De Rosario song much to the delight of mid 113.

Seattle are without Moreno, ace goal scorer and unknown entity, due to an injury which really is about a charge against him of sexual harassment.

Toronto look listless and confused. I lay part of the blame on the demi-cyclone we were in because of the 'route 1' style of footie which required the ball to be punted long distances in the air. However, Ricketts was largely absent from anything positive, "The Chad" Chad Barrett has all the makings of a good striker without any of the accuracy one requires to perform well, and our defenders are brutal. Harmse didn't have a clue where to go it seemed.

Regardless of the fancy details, Seattle thumped the reds 2-0 in a very deserved victory. They played tight zonal footie, short passes and shredded the defense. Keller was rarely tested in the Seattle goal, which upset me as we didn't get to do our impromptu Helen Keller song (he's deaf, he's blind, the balls gone in behind, Helen Keller... Helen Keller...).

Quote of the match : "It's nice that I pay $300 a year to come and hang out with you guys because clearly the footie isn't worth it."

Man of the Match : De Ro.

Goat : Everyone else (short of Sutton) who clearly gave up around the 86th minute. Hustle disappeared.