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Thursday, May 30, 2013

THE MATCHUP: Union. Due.


Almost exactly two years ago, Philadelphia Union dropped by BMO Field to lay down a 6-2 beating on TFC that is still one of the most humiliating of The Reds' (many) home defeats. It was a tough afternoon for those in attendance with many leaving with the feeling that "things can't get much worse". Sooooooo... yeah.
With 1 win in 26 and more turnover than Pillsbury, you would be hard-pressed to find too many supporters who think things have improved in the last 730 days. TFC go into this latest match with their usual battery of walking wounded including Richard Eckersley who will miss at least another four weeks and the now unlikely return of "De Great White Hopesh" Danny Koevermans. Of course, the fact that the club is quietly portraying a 34-year-old, portly, injury-riddled striker as the Messiah to cure all ills may prove that things don't really change all that much round these parts.
"The Danny Califf Testimonial Match"
TORONTO: Jeremy Brockie, Robert Earnshaw, Matias Laba
PHILADELPHIA: Sebastien Le Toux, Zac MacMath, Jack McInerney
Danny Califf's mysterious "virus" causing these symptoms:
- "Kiwi-Aversion": 5-1
- "Poor Depth Chart Perception": 3-1
- "Union Cravings": 2-1
Here at The Yorkies, we are nothing if not a high-end animation studio. As one of the Top 10 MLS-inspired cartoon producers in our row at BMO Field, we are proud to bring you the latest hit, based on the true story* (*not a true story) of the life of Union forward Jack McInerney...


Monday, May 27, 2013

THE STARTING 11: Rejected New York City Expansion Club names

Harry Redknapp thinks New York is "triffic"

Here in Toronto, we're no strangers to MLS expansion clubs. Why, we've had one for seven years now! Alas, there is a new club on the horizon who will make the playoffs before Toronto FC, the long-rumoured "NYC2" club - now christened New York City FC. Don Garber's long-term wet dream to drive New York Red Bulls into oblivion create a NYC Derby has come true with the help of upstart, community-run, charity club Manchester City - thus the new branding. Despite protests in some circles, we actually dig the name as roller-hockey "sawker team" names don't jive (*cough* Impact *cough*) with us. However, NYCFC wasn't the only club branding considered for the Big Apple’s latest team...
11. Manahattanchester City
10. Monster Energy Drink (R) New York
9. Young Boys Flushing
8. Go Ahead Bagels
7. Hotdogger SV
6. Queens' Park New York Rangers
5. I'm Walkin' Heerenveen!
4. Jay-Z Alkmaar
3. Deportivo de La Guardia
2. SexInThe City FC
1. Cosmos Kramer

Sunday, May 26, 2013

AFTER 90: "The Blurst a Man Can Get"


KICK OFF:  Apparently this is supposed to be one of TFC's "winnable" away fixtures. Uh-huh. With an injured list that looks like an episode of M*A*S*H and without the valuable hard work and determination of the waived John Bostock (MegaLOLz), The Reds try to tea party their way out of another dismal night on the road. And now... all of the exciting, interesting and spectacular moments of the match...









We could say more - but really - why? What could we add today that a) you didn't know already. b) you haven't heard hundreds of times here. So yeah. Shining Lights that bind us all.

Friday, May 24, 2013

THE MATCHUP: New England Revolution host Old English Resolution (Now with 50% less John Bostock!)

Where ACL's fear to tread

"Pahk da cah in Hahvahd Yahd". With that out of the way it's onto a fixture that has dozens excited across North America and not beyond. The Revs, who if you believe people in Toronto, are apparently just as bad as Toronto FC (but 6 points says differently) welcome those very Eff Cees (TM) to play on their green concrete. With a solid 6,000 to 8,000 in attendance at the 68,000-seater Gillette Stadium, this is one not to miss. Unless you need to wash your hair.
FC Robins du Toronto will seemingly arrive in Foxborough in a hilarious giant clown ambulance. When Kevin Payne & The Boyz told us we are only 2 or 3 players away we didn't realize that meant from a Starting Injured XI. On the shelf for this match are: Richard Eckersley (hamstring), Bobby Convey (muscle strain), Danny Califf (tattoo), Stefan Frei (the usual), Justin Braun (shanking injury), Darel Russell (middle name fracture), Terry Dunfield (twisted sock tassel) and Danny Koevermans (pancake). So... about that winless streak.
"The Worst a Man Can Gett'er"
NEW ENGLAND: Diego Fagundez, Lee Nguyen, Kelyn Rowe
TORONTO: Steven Caldwell, Robert Earnshaw, Darren O'Dea
- TFC getting through match without further injury: 10-1
- TFC blogger getting through preview without injury: 5-1
- Ouch! Mother f*^$%r!!! My finger!!! : EVENS
Being a single-entity league, MLS can sometimes come to the emergency aid of a club facing serious injury issues. Remember emergency keeper Sam Reynolds? Good times. With TFC's mounting injury list, the league has drawn up a resource which TFC can draw from if they face further medical dilemmas during the match on Saturday:
1) MLS Pool Players
2) Emergency NASL Loan Signings
3) Those guys with the muskets at Revs matches
4) A 50/50 Draw from the 3,000 Revs fans in attendance
5) The Somali Drug Lord Videographer of their choice
6) A Tupac Shakur hologram
7) Anyone who has heard of Queen's Park Rangers


UPDATE: While the City of Toronto was watching their mayor give a press conference wearing a shit-eating grin, Toronto FC announced that they have waived on-loan midfielder John Bostock.

Bostock, the once teen-dream of English football is doing his best to become the new Rohan Ricketts by burning bridges everywhere he goes. Obviously the long-standing rumours that dogged him in England such as being a bad-trainer and having an ego which always saw him playing at Barcelona in his head but the Blue Square with his feet couldn't be shook on this side of the Atlantic.
And… Since it’s Friday and we could all do with a jaunty tune… and there used to be a band called Daft Punk that made music you could boogie to… and Revolution…

Thursday, May 23, 2013

"It's not us, it's you" - The fun has left BMO Field as TFC's only claim to fame fizzles

"Can you feel the passion? Umm...guys? Can you feel it?"

It was always going to be this way. As far back as the first home fixture in 2007, Toronto FC was based on a house of cards that was "the great atmosphere". It didn't help when the assembled North American football media got in line to stroke the club and its supporters’ egos for managing to introduce a "European match atmosphere" to MLS. The club, so wrapped up in this unexpected phenomenon, took a path that would see them bathe in their fans' "ultra" imagery and lean on this as the be all and end all of Toronto's re-born football scene. This golden calf invariably lead them to doing the one thing that would eventually slay this unexpected idol - they didn't bother to build a football club for it.
This is old news to 99% of you reading this. The many re-births, the conveyor belt of management and the eternal continuation of "Five-Year Plans" have become the stuff of local farce. Until recently however, the supporters who have graciously, and against all odds, continued to attend TFC matches met the club's lifelong struggles with gallows humour and a frustrated resilience. The once exalted atmosphere, while steadily decreasing, seemed strong enough to at least allow the ground's denizens a fun day out. For those of you who go to TFC matches regularly are likely aware, and as a note to those that do not, the fun has gone.
It is palpable in the air. Joviality towards our lovable bumbling squad has turned into hostility and - far worse - deafening apathy. There is not an ounce of blame available to put on a single supporter or group who still attends due to their genuine affection for TFC (or at least the sport) as most are all out of spirit. The club has beaten it out of their fans through a battle of below-mediocre attrition that few fans would be willing to endure. Yes there are fans of other clubs around the world who have suffered through worse but they likely support a club with history and past glories to lean on. In Toronto, supporters can only lean on paper-thin promises of better days ahead. A Herculean sales pitch that MLSE likely didn't expect to have to make.
The question thus becomes - how will the club sell a day out at a match? There is a palpable fear that the ownership will begin to panic soon. The original recipe for success was selling a football experience that was as close to "old world" sensibilities as you could find in North America. There was a refreshing lack of bottled Arena Football-esque bottled atmosphere. The near organic supporter culture papered over the rapidly exposed ills of a poorly managed team. But when this is gone, how will an ownership that has a PhD in "Sizzle over Steak" react?

Monday, May 20, 2013

THE STARTING 11: Similarities between Victoria Day and attending a TFC match

Shot on goal!

Face it, after standing (or sitting depending on your BMOfication) through that damp-flannel-to-the-face-of-a-match on Saturday - we deserve an extra day off. Well thanks to that wacky monarch and hottie from history Queen Victoria - you get one! Yes, the lady who brought you such hits as "Ottawa" is rolling out 24 hours of long weekend shenaniganism - but don't get too excited, there are some parts of Vicky Day (TM) that are much like spending the day with Toronto FC...
11. Obnoxious pyrotechnics are set off for no good reason
10. Neither have anything to do with the modern era
9. Troubles are forgotten through mass alcohol consumption
8. Most of the action happens right at the end
7. Americans stand around looking confused by it all
6. You wake up the next day feeling worse
5. Nobody works hard or does anything productive
4. An Irishman inevitably ends up angry
3. You sit in traffic for hours just to watch things go up in smoke
2. We celebrate on the 24th for a long departed Brit
1. Much like Queen Victoria... "We are not amused"

"Mega LOLZ"

Saturday, May 18, 2013

THE SOUTH (BEER) STAND REPORT: TFC vs. Crew... or the one where The Yorkies got drunk on the May 2-4 instead

We sing in the 50th!

SATURDAY 1PM ET: For our loyal readers who have dropped by to read the usual post-home fixture article - "THE SOUTH STAND REPORT" - we regret to inform you that our regular reporter (follow him on the Twitternet @ignirtoq for malarkey) has been indisposed today. Possibly family, maybe legal, dragon-related is in the mix but definitely not crack. That's ridiculous... looking at you Toronto Star.
Long-story getting too long, we decided against trying to replicate our main man's charming BMO Field post-match magic and instead embrace the spirit of the first long-weekend of summer. We're going to start drinking now. It's the 2-4 and we support TFC all year. We deserve this.
What will follow later tonight will be brought to you by the fine unionized workers of the LCBO and the minimum-wage pint-pullers at BMO Field. This one's for you Queen Victoria...

Whussup party people? We said whaaaaaa-ssssssuuuup? Remember that guy?
Starting XXI:
Andy Richter - O'Neil Henry - Scottish dude - O'Day
Reginald Lamb - Laba Rat - Arsenio - Braunaldo
The One Who Scores Sometimes - That Kid That Got Drunk (bro)
Let's play ball!
1' - People are here! That's crazy but I like barbecue too. Mi castle su castle!
8'- Serious though... when I was a kid people didn't even get dressed up to got o a match anymore. Now they are like here is my Arsenal shirt because it's got WiFi for skateboarding. Pfft. Have some self-respect for yourself.
14' - Reggie Lambe? That's a lie. Liver and onions if we're being honest.
18' - You know who that was? Jesse Barfield.
20' - REFEREE!!!
22' - Loan signings coming to MY country and stealing MY jobs
24' - "OOOOOOOOHHHHH DONNIE DARKO!!! DONNIE DARKO!!! DARK-OOOOHHH!" Yes! 24, 2-4 whooooo! Jack Bauer can't beat Stefan Frei any day. Bitch!
25' - #WesleySnipes #AlwaysBetOnBlack
30' - Danny Hoovermans? Yeah I didn't order Hollandaise on my tuna melt thank you very much.
34' - REFEREE!!!
34'' - REFEREE!!!
37' - Kevin Payne? I've got Kevin Payne, it's called seven years of heartbreak
39' - Bears can NOT run sideways

40' - Screw you Row 2 doucheneck, I will sing what I need. "Nights in White Satin...". Sorry I'm not "Step Up: Revolution".
40' - Why didn't Hogan Ephraim just pick up the phone when Paul Orndorff called? Sad.
42' - GOAL: Columbus - Just a bunch of yellow running past red then some guy... Odoodoo?... You weren't there man.
44' - I'd buy Duncan Fletcher a cake all day.
HALFTIME: In line for brews
45' - SUB: CONVOY!!! BRRRR! BRRRR! on for Braunaldo
45' - Keep playing your Limp Bizkit music BMO Field. Test me. Keep testing me. I paid my money.
50' - Get off your phones! Oh look at me I'm in HD at the match. Selfie! Shellfish more like. "Foursquare me! Foursquare me!" Get a grip. Denise.
52' - Steven Caldwell is a tall drink of carrot water. I'll be your Huckleberry Hound.
55' - REFEREE!

56' - Score some damn points Ryan Neilson
57' - SUB: Dwayne De Osorio on for Arsenio. Woof! Woof! Woof!
61' - Columbus Crew? More like Justin Timberlake.
61' - SexyBack
61' - SexyBack
61' - SexyBack
61' - Scott Bakula
63' - REFEREE!!!

64' - SUB: Australian guy from New Leazand on for Lamb. I got your mint sauce right here.
72' - Joe Bender is a shot blocking gherkin
75' - They don't want to pass the ball these days like Diego Madonna. They just want the latest Firefox on the LA Galaxy Notepad. "ReTweet me, ReTweet me".
82' - No, I'm not Dr. Spock are you tough guy?
84' - Kenny Stamatopolous would have done better.
89' - EMO Field is the best stadium after the French Open
90'+' - REFEREE!!!
Man of the Match: Darren O'Dea cuz he's Irish son!
Goat of the Game: Lamb. Bahahahaha - BURN!
Ref Rating: WANKER! I'd kick you in the pelvis
I Am Not The Gaffer But... : Look Ryan Neilson has to stop letting the media dictate all his passion right? Stop putting the wrong players on the right spot and just let it happen. Don't listen to YouTube - what does she know? Just three words: giv'er
Kit Spotting: I saw one guy wearing four Leafs jerseys.
Quote of the Match:
Sir it would be best if you left.
- Some lady in a yellow jacket and a nametag that said Dave
I'm going to be totally honest with you. I'm sorry. I know you like the other guy who writes these because he "lays off the booze". I'm not perfect okay? It's true I am no Dr. Spock but I have been to lots of these football matches before and let me tell you something about today's match that your pals in the office don't have the balls to tell you: that was a match too. Sue me. You don't like the truth? There are good seats available at Coventry City. RAcist.
Yeah today's match... listen guys... it's all a bit fuzzy. Something about a Barbasol can and a lab rat? Red guys were kicking stuff the wrong way, yellow dudes were like "WTF hombre?" Did they win?..... What?..... No?..... Again?
I'm good with my choices in life.
Player Ratings: I just threw up. Not from beer.

Friday, May 17, 2013

THE MATCHUP: Construction delays

"I'm too sexy for Crew Cat"

It's that time in the MLS schedule where Glasgow must bow to the pent-up intensity of centuries of Ohio-Ontario sectarianism as "The New Soft Derby" kicks off. Our canary-hued (7-Year) Auld Enemy is back in town to inevitably frustrate us in neither team's quest to secure the 2013 Trillium Cup. Crew may be facing a very different TFC on Saturday however as The Reds could give debuts to three newcomers: loanees Steven Caldwell and Jeremy Brockie, as well as recently acquired Bobby Convey (BRRRR! BRRRR!). You can't spell "change" without the "C" in "TFC".
Can Team Payne's Non-Youth Movement stop the late-match malarkey that has plagued TFC this season? Can Ryan Nelsen turn the ship around? Will there be an earthquake? Is Bitchy on the pipe? Since there isn't really any other news going on in Toronto today - this match will surely be the talk of the town.
"The New Soft Derby"
TORONTO: Jeremy Brockie, Steven Caldwell, Matias Laba
COLUMBUS: Eddie Gaven, Federico Higuain, Dominic Oduro
The Trillium Cup to be:
- Damaged in an aftershock of Friday's quake: 10-1
- Turned into ceremonial civic crack pipe: 5-1
- Continuing its eternal irrelevance: EVENS
With the continuing mid-season roster changes, Toronto FC could very well have a starting eleven on Saturday with a near 40% turnover since opening day. Never ones to miss a beat, the TFC promotions team are using this to their advantage by offering the delicious new BMO Field concession: "The TFC Turnover"! This unctuous pastry is bursting at the seams with leftover fruit loaned directly from some of Britain's most mediocre farms! Don't miss out on the "Trillium Cup Special" on Saturday where fans can buy seven turnovers and get 10% off a delicious "Five-Year Flan"!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

"We got a little Convey"

Well, almost a QPR kit

"Ah, breaker one-nine, this here's the Rubber Duck. You gotta copy on me, Pig Pen, c'mon?" Pretty sure this is how the conversation went down between Kevin Payne and Sporting KC's front office as TFC's President traded for MLS veteran Bobby Convey earlier today.
While not exactly the blockbuster midfield DP that Payne was hinting at/ drumming up ticket sales with earlier this week but Convey is a fairly solid winger of the "been there-done that" MLS variety. While not the type of acquisition that will turn around the eternally sputtering club's fortunes, the ex-D.C United and Reading man is the type of workman that successful MLS clubs seem to have. A possible upgrade on the mercurial Hogan Ephraim and perhaps a challenge to the leftback role that was Ashtone Morgan's to lose and one which he has.
Young football fans of the GTA are hardly going to be running out to get "CONVEY" kits but if he is on form he will add some needed quality out wide. Considering the trade ballast to SKC was practically nothing there is little risk to the deal. However, Convey is on fairly hefty (MLS hefty) wages so The Reds' wage bill will now be a bit tight... pending further moves.
Plus, Bobby Convey used to live in Kevin Payne's basement when he was a teen so that should be good for future gags.
"We gonna roll this truckin' Convey 'Cross the U-S-A.!"

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

TFC waives Ashton, Morgan

Wrong Ashton(e). Wrong Morgan.

Be honest, you clicked here thinking that Toronto FC had released Ashtone Morgan. If we had advertising revenue on this site, we would be counting the extra pennies right now - but no, we were just being dicks. How else could we garner interest over this story?
With the impending arrival of loan signings Steven Caldwell, Jeremy Brockie and perhaps Tal Ben Haim, space was needed to be roster compliant and the first cuts were the most obvious. Supplemental Draft Picks and "Camp Shining Light" sweethearts Ashton Bennett and Taylor Morgan are Reds no more with the club waiving them today. They are unlikely to be the last departures from BMO Field.
With Kevin Payne informing us that TFC really only has "one or two" players with any kind of competitiveness and/or heart (thanks Kevin, we didn't notice) and also that players would be "naive" not to expect changes - expect changes. Whether this means more loanees of the castaway variety or the rumoured midfield DP of the "please don't stop buying tickets" variety, only time will tell. Assume that the time is rapidly approaching.
No word yet from the Ashtone Morgan camp if he is pleased to have sole possession of both his names once again.

Monday, May 13, 2013

THE STARTING 11: Toronto FC reasons for loan signings

Payne and Nelsen look over scouting reports

Nothing in football says "building for the future" and "setting a strong foundation" like a squad full of 3-month loan signings. And by "nothing" we mean just about anything. Since February, Kevin Payne and his band of Merry Management at TFC have dropped the hint that 5 or 6 player signings are constantly imminent. What they fail to mention is that they are usually short-term rentals from football’s international bargain bin. Trying to fix a club so bereft of quality with a transfer philosophy similar to a ZipCar agreement seems odd but the club must have their reasons right? Hello?
11. Impossible for opposition to scout the club when the roster changes every 2 weeks
10. How else will Toronto FC be able to reach the lofty goal of 200 players in 7 seasons?
9. Those hilarious Wonga puppets make loans seem fun!
8. How else can you be absolutey 100% certain that you are acquiring players that no other club wants without actually seeing them underperform in person?
7. Supporters given the chance to sing haunting Liverpool-esque song "You’ll Only Sign On Loan"
6. Why would you sign a player to a long-term deal when the manager only has 5 months left on the job?
5. That annoying MLS Anthem can be replaced with the jaunty "Lone Ranger" theme
4. The English Championship has a great deal this summer where you can rent unwanted players for 7 weeks and get the 8th week free!
3. The same revolving door at a fraction of the cost!
2. Kevin Payne just can't get enough of the gag where he enters Ryan Nelsen's office and seductively says "I've finally got you a loan..."
1. Why buy the cow when you can get the lumpy, sour milk for free?
And… since we love reader suggestion box… and we’re pretty sure the Ogden City Mall has an Orange Julius… the new TFC theme song (with minor lyrical adjustment of "A-" to "On")

Thursday, May 9, 2013

"Wait until I get you a loan..." Reds bag another cast-off as Ben Haim joins TFC

Ben Haim: Loan boy

If it's Thursday that must mean another temporary signing from the bargain bin of English football. In their attempt to become the QPR of MLS (at least until June 30th) TFC has added Israeli International defender Tal Ben Haim... wait for it... on loan.
According to Kevin "The Loan Arranger" Payne "Tal Ben Haim has been one of the top defenders in the EPL for nearly a decade". According to everybody else, Ben Haim has played on seven clubs in the last decade and has exactly ten first team appearances since 2010. So pretty much samesies. Managing a whole three league appearances on a QPR team that plummeted to the depths of relegation this year, it must have been a wrenching decision for Harry Redknapp to let such an important jewel depart.
We're no mathematicians here at The Yorkies but by our calculations, Toronto FC is now made up of 78% loan signings. On June 30th when they expire we should be left with Reggie Lambe, Logan Emory and Jim Brennan. Fact*. (*Not a fact)
If this article seems ridiculous and exasperated it is because we are a bit exasperated and the news is a bit ridiculous. We are well aware of TFC's many, many, MANY shortcomings but how are the constant additions of temporary Band-Aids (of the slow veteran or misfit variety) in any way building this club for the future? What preparations for 2014 are actually taking place when a big portion of your first team isn't scheduled to be here in July 2013?
The other side of the rent-a-player equation is the knock-on effect on the actual players on full contracts. The acquisitions of Ben Haim and Steven Caldwell before him are an obvious shot across Danny Califf's tattooed bow. TFC's defence has indeed been porous, flaccid and in need of help but how a set of temporary cast-offs from England's nether regions helps that in the long-term is way beyond us. As usual, the constant at TFC is change.

Corey Haim: Lost Boy

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

THE MATCHUP... and bonus... AFTER 90: Predicting Earthquakes

Good work Richter... not you Ryan.

The enthusiasm surrounding "new-look" TFC that some felt earlier this season is at a bit of a low-ebb at the moment. After what feels like 14 straight matches lost in the final 5 minutes, Reds supporters are understandably a wee bit exhausted. Honestly, there won't be too many brave souls willing to stay up on a weeknight until 12:13 when TFC allow a boneheaded goal in at the 88th minute.
Now we know there are some diehards (seek medical help) who will suffer a red-eyed Thursday morning commute in order to stay up late tonight. We will watch, we know you reading this will watch... and that guy there who just clicked on this site too - he's watching. Whassup Frank? But, for those of you who just won't be arsed to stay up and want to leave nightmares for your sleep we will aim to predict the future after this truncated match preview with a ready-made wrap-up of tonight's match... from THE FUTURE!
"The Late Aftershock"
SAN JOSE: Chris Wondolowski
TORONTO: Matias Laba
- The noise of palms slapping foreheads in the Toronto-area at approximately 12:13AM registering on the Richter Scale: 2-1
Depending on construction and the 2014 MLS schedule this may be the last time TFC graces the hallowed pitch of "The Roadside Chapel of Football" - Buck Shaw Stadium. So excited are Bay Area football fans to move out of a high school stadium that more than 6,000 showed up to the ground-breaking ceremony for the new Quakes' ground. Promoters hope to eclipse this number for the official Buck Shaw demolition event where stars of the 1990 hit film "Tremors" Fred Ward, Michael Gross and Reba McEntire will flip the switch on a giant robotic earthworm that will swallow the sheet-metal that makes up Buck Shaw's ironically earthquake-prone architecture.
And now... so you can get your doctor recommended minimum 7 hours sleep...

AFTER 90: Predicted Earthquake
Good work Sexy Ghost... not you ghost liver.

WARNING: Look into the future not for gambling purposes. If you see this vision of the future in public do not try to change it or Biff Tannen will inevitably control the Toronto Casino.
5' - Joe Bendik looking good as Quakes come out strong
10' - Ty Harden header forces save
15' - Possible sighting of George Best's sexy ghost in North Stand
22' - Robert Earnshaw goal called back due to offside
30' - Dan Gargan almost puts SJE ahead with ball off his ass
35' - Robert Earnshaw hits post
40' - Sam Cronin free kick forces Bendik save
50' - SUB: Reggie Lambe off for Jonathan Osorio
60'- Ty Harden almost scores own goal when Dan Gargan cross hits back of his head
63' - Robert Earnshaw beats trap, shot flies over the bar
74' - Ghostly apparition of bottle of rum reported floating around female fans
78' - Sam Cronin looking dangerous
82' - Jeremy Hall does something
88' - GOAL: San Jose - Ty Harden passes to Dan Gargan who backheels to Sam Cronin; Logan Emory looks like he has seen a (sexy) ghost and dives to the ground accidentally tripping Cronin in the box. Chris Wondolowski taps in the loose ball.
90' +: SUB: Nobody is still watching. Probably Hogan Ephraim.

If the future happens to divert from this set path (screw you Sarah Connor) then we will add the (unlikely) different outcome below at some point in that strange alternate dystopian future. Come with us if you want to live....


What did this prove? The future has many paths. Most of them still lead to TFC losses though. Oh and also that Justin Braun is a cyborg sent from the future to destroy us all. You have been warned. Nighty-night sadists.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Toronto FC - Now with added Scottish ginge! (Ask about our Kiwi BOGO!)

Relax Steven, it's just a loan

Apparently the way to fix Toronto FC's leaky wingback situation which has led to many a last-minute heartbreaker... is to loan a centreback. Yes, TFC have reportedly gone back to mining the English Championship loan market again this time grabbing Scotland International and soon-to-be ex-Birmingham City defender Steven Caldwell.

The deal for the 32-year-old, which sees him spend the remainder of his Blues' loaned to Toronto (until June 30th), has been confirmed by BCFC today but we await official confirmation from The Reds. Knowing TFC's news handling skills you can expect the announcement sometime in August.

On the surface it is a curious yet no-risk move for TFC. It gives The Reds a little bit of depth on an ever-porous backline that could do with another veteran voice (especially in the 80-90 minute era) while allowing Caldwell to put himself in the shop window - either in MLS or back in the UK. The only negative side-effect of the deal is that it may intensify rumours of Danny Califf's odd situation at centreback as the big Californian has seen his playing time cut drastically in the last few weeks. In the end, Toronto FC has added their first new Scottish ginger since one Maurice Johnston - so good things should follow!

"I approve this message..."

UPDATE: Hot on the heels of the Steven Caldwell story, Australian press is rather flippantly reporting that New Zealand International and star of the A-League's Wellington Phoenix (The TFC of the South Pacific) Jeremy Brockie is also headed to BMO Field on loan.

Few details were given and this story has yet to have any official backing like Caldwell's but the Ryan Nelsen connection does give it some weight. Brockie is a 25-year-old attacking midfielder who has notched 27 goals in the A-League since 2010. Rumours that he is the "goalscoring Andrew Boyens" are completely made up. By us.

"Brockie! Brockie! Brockie!"
UPDATED UPDATE: As per Toronto FC policy, the club officially announces all news many hours after the rest of the world has reported it. If your didn't believe us this morning, you can go here. Non-believers. We'll see who's laughing when Loch Ness turns out to be real.

Monday, May 6, 2013

The Price is Red

We really could have used a 10...

When the annual salary report is released by the MLS Players Union it leads to all kinds of financial naval gazing among the clubs' supporters. Who is money well spent? (Cough, Bendik. Cough, Boss. Cough, Osorio) Who isn't worth their inflated salary? (Outcasts of the English Championship. Splatter.)
You will find all types of analysis in the near future regarding the market value of players, defender to midfielder algebra and a player's ability to make the moneyz rain. The closest we here at this site come to financial advisers is wearing "BMO" on our replica kits so instead we offer an alternative view on the value of the current squad. A simple look at what you could buy for the price of one of your Tee Eff Cee's guaranteed salary.
Whether you would keep the player over say... what is behind Door # 2 is up to you...
GALE AGBOSSOUMONDE - $53,166.67 or... 224 vowels on "Wheel of Fortune"
KYLE BEKKER - $67,750 or... 4234 new Presto transit cards
JOE BENDIK - $46,500 or... 4.3 Stefan Frei's
ASHTON BENNETT - $46,500 or... 5412 Chicken Roti dinners
JOHN BOSTOCK - $99.996 or... 208 sets of replica kits from his former clubs
JUSTIN BRAUN - $114,700 or... 1274 replica John Stockton jerseys
DANNY CALIFF - $165,000 or... 1100 hours with a tattoo artist
TERRY DUNFIELD - $120,000 or... 8571 sets of sock tassels
ROBERT EARNSHAW - $155,150 or... 5172 adopted whales a year
RICHARD ECKERSLEY - $310,000 or... 31000 bottles of SPF 60 suntan lotion
LOGAN EMORY - $48,400 or... 5377 autographed photos of Dustin "Screech" Diamond
HOGAN EPHRAIM - $180,000 or... 2250 seats to QPR's final Premier League match
STEFAN FREI - $200,000 or... 8333 protective face masks
JEREMY HALL - $90,000 or... 4500 "Best of Arsenio Hall" DVD's
DONEIL HENRY - $62,083 or... 41389 "Oh Henry!" bars
DANNY KOEVERMANS - $1,663,323 or... 43,772 "The Settlers of Catan" games
MATIAS LABA - $200,000 or... 114, 285 stamps for regretful letters back to family in Argentina
REGGIE LAMBE - $70,000 or... 389 (95lb -109lb) live lambs
ASHTONE MORGAN - $72,000 or... 5161 bottles of Captain Morgan Spiced Rum
TAYLOR MORGAN - $35,125 or... 2517 bottles of Captain Morgan Spiced Rum
DARREN O'DEA - $456,250 or... 58,870 pints of Guinness to drown post-match sorrows
JONATHAN OSORIO - $46,500 or... 203 nights in the Montevideo, Uruguay Radisson Hotel
RYAN RICHTER - $46,500 or... 924 scales
QUILLAN ROBERTS - $46,500 or... 193 pairs of tickets for "Avenue Q" on Broadway
DAREL RUSSELL - $109,874 or... $21,974 for each of Darel's names in his full name
LUIS SILVA - $105,400 or... 10,450 cover charges at Club Escobar
EMERY WELSHMAN - $46,500 or... 2906 new Presto transit cards
ANDREW WIEDEMAN - $65,000 or... 2167 "New Era" baseball caps

THE STARTING 11: TFC late-match excuses

"Warm milk was a bad choice..."

The first time Toronto FC gave up a goal in the dying minutes of a match it was put down to bad luck. The second time raised a few eyebrows. Now that we're headed to a half-dozen last-minute reverse-heroics/brainfarts it has just become expected. You would be hard-pressed to find a Reds' supporter who feels comfortable in the 85th minute of a match unless TFC has a solid 5 to 8 goal lead. So yeah. But what are the reasons for such mass mental breakdowns? It may be deeper than you think...
11. Ryan Nelsen's mandatory halftime warm milk starts to kick in
10. Bermuda Triangle is playing up (Reggie Lambe only)
9. Logan Emory's new Nike Ballet Slippers not worked in yet
8. That guy in the 5th row keeps giving us the hurtful side-eye
7. We are waiting for a 34-year-old, notoriously slow-starting, just back from destructive ACL injury and major surgery to cure everything that is wrong with the club
6. So much pressure to live up to the legendary names that played defense for Toronto FC in the past such as Hscanovics, Usanov, Garcia and Braz
5. We swoon whenever Darren O'Dea yells out tactical instructions in his beguiling Irish brogue
4. Want to finish early to beat traffic
3. Still miss Torsten Frings' lovely late-match cuddles
2. Stefan Frei keeps cough-yelling "JINX!" when Joe Bendik attempts a late-match save
1. Saving all our energy for the Voyaguers Cup; CONCACAF Champions League; MLS Playoffs; The SuperDraft

Saturday, May 4, 2013

AFTER 90: Silent gesture

After the Voyaguers Cup Semi-Final 1st Leg, Montreal supporters' groups were tremendously unhappy with their club's lack of showing in a 2-0 loss to Toronto. To "voice" what they saw as a lack of passion from their club's leadership in regards to the tournament, they sat in silence during Impact's following fixture to Chicago Fire. God knows how they would have reacted to Toronto FC's pathetic performance in the 2nd Leg.

Now we don't pretend that we have similar influence over our local club, nor will this gesture go noticed by many but tonight we will offer a post-match performance befitting what TFC offered us last Wednesday. We are still watching tonight, we still hope they win and will return to regularly scheduled "After 90's" in the future. In the end we just didn't quite recover from a result that seemed to devastate the support more than the club itself.
























86' - Seriously?


PLAYER RATINGS: Not different enough.
Those who watched Wednesday, still tuned in tonight and will do so again.
As we said above, we want nothing but good for this club. We aren't trying to show how "ultra" we are or anything self aggrandizing. This was an expression of exhaustion - a hangover from a beat down that wasn't out of our system in time to crack wise about RapidsMan etc. The inevitable loss at the death was just the cherry on top.

Like a good chunk of you out there who felt the same, and perhaps still do, this post was just what TFC offered our loyalty three nights ago: not bothering to show up. We enjoyed doing this tonight as much as you enjoyed reading it... not much. So our message to TFC is no more nights off like Wednesday - your support rarely take them. Match the unwavering support and forgiveness you've had for six years with effort on the pitch and good things may happen.

Here's to better for club and supporters alike. Our support doesn't waver - we just owed TFC a night off.

Friday, May 3, 2013

THE MATCHUP: May the 4th be with them...

"2014 Season Tickets?..."

There are two reasons for the theme of today's "match preview" (those are very generous quotation marks). 1) We're still pretty miffed about Wednesday night in Montreal... and 2) we are giant nerds disguised in football kits. It's probably somewhere in the middle. So, with tomorrow's fixture landing on the admittedly silly "Star Wars Day" (May the 4th - get it? You do? Nerd.) we're going to fluff about a club who totally phoned it in - you know, like George Lucas during the prequels. Get that reference? Nerd.
"Hilarious" date aside (again very generous " "s) - Colorado is a fitting locale for this Star Wars themed matchup as it is equal parts Hoth and Bespin. (Heard you snort. Nerd) Maybe we are being too flippant though - apparently this match was of such utter importance that it merited resting starters and sacrificing our Canadian Championship defence for. Not feeling that? Samesies. Well, when this season ends with nothing to show and the club comes begging for your season ticket renewal, remember the words of Aquagenarian philosopher Admiral Albert Francis Ackbar... "IT'S A TRAP!"
"The Cloud City Classic"
COLORADO: Deshorn Brown, Atiba Harris, Jamie Smith
TORONTO: Joe Bendik, Robert Earnshaw, Matias Laba
- 2013 ending with Ewok celebration song and dance: 100-1
- Reds managing to "stay on target" this year: 10-1
- Squad needing another "Death Starring" : EVENS
Despite the nerdosity and overall geekgineering of this post, the six titles of the Star Wars back catalog are actually a fair barometer of TFC's six full seasons. Like so...
- "A NEW HOPE": A plucky, rebellious club bringing football freedom to Torontonians.
- "THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK": TFC's rulers, drunk on success, do battle on supporters' wallets.
- "RETURN OF THE JEDI": The local boy (De Ro) uses his powers for good. Some say he met an unfair end like Boba Fett - others say he was Greedo.
- "THE PHANTOM MENACE": Wiley new coach Preki claims his authority is being destroyed by dark and secretive power known as "Canadian Guys".
- "ATTACK OF THE CLONES": New powers from another world (Holland) attempt to clone TFC into the shape of another club. Went as well as the film.
- "REVENGE OF THE SITH": Emerging from the shadows - the true power reveals himself and takes complete control. "Siths' may be slang for shorts.
And... since we couldn't find the dubstep version of the Ewok Celebration Song (Yub nub wub wub wub-wub-wub-wub) here is something from that wretched hive of scum and villainy not named Stade Saputo...


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

AFTER 90: Cup runneth ugly

Goodbye old friend

KICK OFF - In Toronto there is no sporting event bigger than this Amway Canadian Championship Semi-Final tonight. We heard rumours of some type of winter sport being scheduled but couldn't see anything on Wikipedia. Luge? L'anyhoo - the only thing left to find out is how hard Montreal Impact are about to play...
2' - Robert Earnshaw making a surprise start and almost puts the semi-final away but counter attack shot dings the goalpost. Si proche!
5' - Every time I hear Jeb Brovsky I picture a frat house fatty tapping a keg. Le bro.
10' - Stefan Frei slides his way out of a dangerous Andrew Wenger charge and clears. "The Goalblerone" putting the body on the line. Suisse.
12' - Great frenetic pace both ways early on. Neither club giving too many inches. Etroit.
14' - YELLOW CARD: Doneil Henry roadblocks the dangerous Wenger. Disque tacle.
17' - YELLOW CARD: Reggie Lambe for having a 1/6 in 6 game. Moutons.
22' - Both teams playing very high lines. Something has got to give soon on the counter attack. Erreurs.
24' - GOAL: Montreal - On cue. An unmarked Justin Mapp cleans up a mess in the area and slots past a sprawling Frei. Merde.
30' - L'Impact have got the provolone between the teeth since the goal. TFC on the ropes. Motivés.
33' - GOAL: Montreal - On cue: Part deux - Daniele Poponi goes around Ashtone Morgan like a training pylon. Awful. Très horrible.
37' - Just for shiggles Montreal subs in some flash in the pan named Marco Di Vaio or something.
40' - Kyle Bekker with a medium strength long-distance strike. TFC's first attempt in ages. Froid.
43' - GOAL: Montreal - Simple cross seems to pass through 19 different TFC players (yes,even the bench) and lands at the feet of... who else? Marco Di Vaio. Embarrassant.
45' - Could not have wished for a worse half. Cauchemar.


45' - SUBS: Jeremy Hall and Luis Silva on for Kyle Bekker and Andrew Wiedeman. Kind of like bringing on Marco Di Vaio. But not.
50' - TFC vainly attempting to muster some offence for the important away goal but lack the quality in attack to create real chances.
55' - Wow. Matias Laba better look like Diego Maradona Jr. if things are going to change going forward for TFC this year.
61' - GOAL: Montreal - Marco Di Vaio eats Toronto's "defence" alive before slotting a pinpoint pass to Andres Romero who scores with ease. Who knew you were allowed two good players up front in football? Huh.
68' - Montreal more than happy to pass this match into oblivion. TFC more than indifferent to let that happen.
73' - SUB: Ashton Bennett on for the spirited Jonathan Osorio
77' - Pigeon French and cheese references unsurprisingly of little comfort
84' - Bizarre turn of events as John Bostock only one showing any emotion on TFC.
90'+ - GOAL: Montreal - Di Vaio does what he does and turns match into a bigger farce.
90'+ - GOAL: Montreal - Farce to disgrace. Andrew Wenger powers home the 6th goal. That's one more in goal difference than the 6-1 win of TFC you're if you're counting.


PLAYER RATINGS: Stefan Frei 4 / Ryan Richter 4 / Doneil Henry 3 / Danny Califf 4 / Ashtone Morgan 3 / John Bostock  4.5 / Kyle Bekker 4 (Jeremy Hall 5) / Jonathan Osorio 6 (Ashton Bennett N/A) / Reggie Lambe 3 / Andrew Wiedeman 4 (Luis Silva 4) / Robert Earnshaw 4

Really? Jonathan Osorio. Why not?

So I guess TFC were resting the "A Squad" (if that's really a thing here) for that big match on Saturday against bitter rivals... the Colorado Rapids? Even if that were true, you will be hard-pressed to find a Toronto supporter tonight who is ok with that. You'd likely find less who will find any silver lining from a match where TFC showed such a lack of vision, skill and, most worryingly, spirit against their greatest rivals.
Yes the gulf in talent between Montreal and Toronto is embarrassingly drifting wider all the time but going into a derby match with a 2-0 aggregate and simply not showing up is nothing short of an insult to your support. A support who have had little to hang on to outside of this tournament and its CONCACAF reward. The result will be wrapped up and promo'd as a "learning experience" by the club but management should be very concerned by a squad that seems to lack a lot of fire at the moment. Worried more that they could take such a beating from their only true rival. That is no building block.